I don’t think I’ve ever been dreaming to work as an waitress in a restaurant. Surprisingly, 3 months spend my time at a red brand hotpot restaurant with a long queue worth a life learning experience.

There are days I would have training, even during weekend, just to memorize a bunch of menu name in Mandarin and how long does the customer need to cook to get the vegetables or meats cooked perfectly.

There are days I would go to work before the mall’s escalator has been turned on, it’s still quite dim, get off of work after the mall has been closed, the escalator has been turned off. It’s a wow working hour. Restaurant is my house, I spent more time here rather than at my home. I don’t have that motto “Work Life Balance” because my motto is “Working is my life”

There are days I try to understand how to give the best service for customers, what aspects do I need to put attention to, so many little details. By the time the customer passing in front of our store, to the time they ask the receptionist team, arrange their table number, accompany them to find their seat and get their food, service before during and after the dine in, it is all have its own SOP about what to say and what to do. I have to remember it all, every tiny items. It is all does matter to our restaurant’s grade because a random guest will be assigned to audit our restaurant.

There is even a study-case material. The managementhave plans for handling the complaints or questions if the customers ask how long they need to wait, want to be prioritized in waiting area, have gastric pains while waiting in the waiting area, find a strand of hair on the plate,the color of the meat changed, the stove is broken, kids are running at our restaurant, accidentally leave their stuff in our outlet after they dine in, and so on. They have all the plannings! Even I also learn how to deal with a couple customer, how if I saw them celebrating birthday, anniversary, about to break up, got drunk, have a company meeting, and so on. It was all common to particular things which are very possible to happen.

We also have our own dance. This is one of the things I love the most. This dance unites us. We would gather in the morning or after a lunch break to do this. This signature dance is shown to public too when our customer is having birthday or have any other special occasions that suits this performance. It was so funny and memorable. We are singing and dancing and laughing happily.

There are training about appearance and behavior too. It is a training which is repeated over and over again. I memorized it all. What to wear, how to wear, how to put my hair in a bun properly, how many times do we need to wash our socks, what kind of lipstick color I need to put on, what kind of long trousers which is allowed to wear, what is allowed to be done during working hour, how to deal if we see something falls to the ground whether to wash it or to throw it, what tools to be used to clean or do something and the consequences and the score, work violation which is absolutely prohibited and many other things. I remember it all.

There is even a theory on how to do plating, how to arrange the tables and dish racks neatly and many others. There is tight and symetrical theory which I find still very useful for my daily life up till now after I have resigned. This theory has been successful to guide me to a nice-looking interios.

Working in service industry, I have to get used to of customer’s complaint although it is being the last thing I expect. I am trained on how to manage it. There were moments I got so exasperated but can do nothing except smiling and apologize.

Most of the days I would get back to my apartment feeling that my bones were so shattered inside, but I was so grateful to have some room mates who share the same experience with me, we would talk and laugh until our jaw so numb. It’s a little pleasure which only be able to be felt if I work here, super precious.

Since I work here, the experience of getting into another restaurant has never been the same again. Before I joint, whenever I want to eat, I just come and eat. But now, I become more critical about a restaurant. Automatically I became an auditor. I willcheck whether they have a hygiene restaurant, welcome the customer in a warm way or not, have knowledge about the restaurant, know how to treat the customer, serve the menu in a good way, how they hold and arrange the plate. I just automatically have the sense and try to filter every thing from A to Z.

Really, it is a very precious experience to be part of this family.

Weekend Worker

Is there anyone in this world who want to work during weekend?

I don’t think so, me either.

It’s been pretty difficult and challenging for me to choose my new job as an MT in a restaurant, necessitates me to work during weekend.

I asked several people’s opinions until I finally settled my mind. Considering here and there, I finally chose my new job, with all the consequences, having to work during the weekend and having a day off during weekday. Plus, I need to work for 9 hours and having 2 hours of break. In amount, I will need at least 11 hour in the office.

Here is an opinion of SV, a woman, a director of a high-class hotel.

“I’ve ever worked during weekend for 2 years. Well, it’s not as bad as what people think. Out of 7 days in a week, I only have one day off during the weekday. I love that. I can go to bank in Wednesday. There is no many people in cinemas and or KTV, ticket prices are cheaper. Not as bad as what people think. I got new friends in service industry.”

Different opinions from AL, a man, a phone technician in a mall.

“I used to be full 7 days in a week. Working non stop. I got 2 days off in a month, in weekday. Difficult? Sure, yes. But I was working in a mall, so I always find time to look stores around, washing my eyes a little bit, sometimes relax for some minutes. And unexpectedly met my friends in the mall, talking for a while then continue working. Days during weekend passed so fast! Like I was busy fixing here and there, serve here and there, and suddenly it’s get off time, packing and going back home.”

Well, SL and AL are only a few people’s opinion whom I ask about working during weekend. Some said, “Get ready to lose your social life, my friend.”

This made me broke a little bit. The more I hear people said this, the more broken I became. But the more I asked people like AL and SL, the nicer I felt.

Everyone has different opinions and I can not compare it. I have to feel it by myself and I will see. But one thing I’m sure of is, as long as I love the work, I will be fine. As long as I can find way to enjoy it, I will be fine. Everything is gonna be okay.