Joyful Great-Grandma

This is a story of someone I look up to. A great-grandmother of 3 great-grandsons, a grandmother of 8 grandsons, and a mother of 4 kids.

She is 80 something this year, but she has such a youthful spirit. Let’s call her HG.

Let me tell you how she looks like. Heels will be her choice of shoes, followed by black short pants and blue jeans shirt. Then at the corner of her collar, you can see white sparkling brooch. During this pandemic time, she always put her shocking-pink yet cheerful mask on her face. If she open her mask, you can see her reddish blush on. Look her in the eye, there is a sparkling light green eye shadow followed with eye liner and fake eyelashes.

Her style is beautiful, livelier than mine, the writer. I’m just 20 something but I had never found a grandma this unique.

She brings smiles anywhere.

She says thank you with love, a very sincere one, comes from the deepest part of her heart. She would look in the eye of the person and speak it from the bottom of her heart.

She is one of the most romantic lady. She would loyally accompany his husband, bring him walk, feed him food, serve him physically and mentally. She is a very good companion. Her act of kindness towards his husband and family shows her affection.

She has traveled almost all around the countries. She had a lot of fun and gratefulness. Sometimes she got lost too on her way back to toilet or hotel. She sometimes forget things easily, which I can really comprehend.

She is one of the loveliest human being. Her love to others is awesome.

Why could she be this happy, healthy, and long life? What is her secret of live?


She is God’s disciple. She reads Bible every day, after and before bed. She speaks words of God, praise and worship Him. Her love comes from God, that’s why it flows naturally.

Patient of Cataract

I thought I’m the strongest person in the world, being able to bear the hurt of my knees when it’s outer skin being roughly swiped with a gauze in a operation room to clean the wound. But my speculation is wrong, UL a 25 year-old accountant is the strongest yet bravest girl friend of mine. 

“Hey UL, how is your cataract operation? Went good? “

“Hahaha,” she laughed, “Surprisingly unforgettable! “

“Unforgettable? Why? Would you mine to share me how you deal with it?”

“Yeah yeah sure! So they do an operation to change my lens. For your information, my eyes are minus 6. The left one is cataract, so i have to change the lens into the new one. 
I thought they will do a total anesthesia, but they just do the partial anesthesia! But anyway since it’s an anesthesia, I thought it wouldn’t be so hurtful. So there I was, lying in the operation room, wearing typical white operation cloth. They closed my right eyes with gauze, or whatever white thing it is. But my left eyes left open, I wasn’t able to wink my left eyes So my lovely left eyes keep opening during the operation.”

“Hmm okay. Then?” asking me to her because UL suddenly didn’t speak at all.

cataract eye

“I thought it won’t be hurt since I get anesthesia. But oh my God, my expectation was totally wrong. I can see and feel the operation very detail. Since my eyes can’t wink and always be opened, I can see and I can’t not see how the doctor use his scalpel to do something with my eyes. Even though the doctor tell me to see the lamp on the quite above part, I can still see everything,  so clearly. 

The most painful part is… Mostly everything. Because this cataract operation is my second eye-operation, so I still have sewing scar inside my eyes.  Even tearing up that scar is hurting me like a lot. The one that I can’t bear is the moment they sucking up my lens with a tool. Daaamn, it is super irritating. The heart detector suddenly raises a high-tone voice. I felt super tensed. The nurses keep telling me to keep calm.

Wow how can she?  I’m the one lying on the table operation, not her. The only thing I can do is to remember to breath. So that’s everything I tell to my pity self. Breath.

“Breath. Wow, thank you, such a nice tips. Anyway, you told me that they suck your lens up? Is it even real? They changed it into other people’s lens or how?”

“Thank you for notifying that part. They changed it with a new product, a company produce this lens. So, right now in my eyes, I wear a brand,” told UL to me smiling.

“And one more thing about the lens. Do you want to know how does it feel to have no lens in your eyes? 

Everything is red!  Red quite brown, color of blood. “

At that very moment, I got a goose bumps. I think UL is super strong and crazy as well. She even tell it by laughing now. Hahaha

“After then, the second scariest part coming. The moment when they put the lens to my eyes, the pain is something like the pain they suck my lens up.

And to be a sweet reminder, I can’t close my eyes. I can’t unseen everything. I have to see how the scalpel and all the doctoral machine which raises various voice dancing around my left eyes view, seeing how the doctor move his hand here and there, and I can’t cry. And I need to keep my tension stable so the heart detector isn’t producing any strange movements.

The operation only run for 20 minutes, and it is one of the longest unforgettable 20 minutes of mine.  It feels like forever!”