Let’s talk about lawyer’s profession today.

I just finished a conversation with a Lawyer, let’s name him Jack.

I told him that before I got to work in a law firm, what I know about lawyer’s profession is only by what I saw in television and or Korean drama. The image of a man wearing a black cloak in a courthouse, pulling his suitcase or cart filled with hundred pages of civil documents is the only thing I know about lawyer’s world. It’s the only scope of work a lawyer have to do in an eye of an innocent junior high school student like me.

A lawyer is someone who will often say, “Objection, Your Excellency, based on proof XX, the suspect YY and any other lalalayeyeye.” And in my childhood image, a lawyer is a man job only.

Probably you who are reading this writing is also thinking the same way or were also thinking this way?

It it appropriate to blame the television for this stereotype created towards this issue?

Okay, keep calm, dear TV, I won’t blame you. Surprisingly in fact, Jack, this friend of mine, an ex-Senior-Associate in one of Top 10 Law Firm in Indonesia, even just knew deeper about Lawyer’s world after he has graduated from his law faculty and worked in a law firm.

Funny, isn’t it?

So, I just knew that scope of work of a lawyer is wide since I worked at a law firm and or a company. Lawyer isn’t only someone who work to win a case in a court.

To make it short, there are 2 kinds of lawyer, a corporate lawyer and a litigation lawyer. A litigation lawyer’s job description is something similar like what I have explained above. But what I explained is just a very tiny part of it.

In this writing I’m going to share a story of lawyer which you seldom watch in TV, another point of view of lawyer which I get by months of working with some lawyers. So, this is it, a story of Jack, a corporate lawyer.

A corporate lawyer has so many things to do. What are their scope of works?

Reviewing documents, drafting agreements, drafting SOP, learning the legal aspect of a company, analyzing and interpreting regulations, conducting due diligence, acquiring a company, managing right issue, and many more.

We haven’t talked about compliance yet. Sometimes, a corporate lawyer’s scope of work is also including compliance. Wow, there is even more checklist to be fulfilled if we talked about compliance.

Last but not least, I’d like to end this article with another fun fact which you might not have the privilege to know if you don’t work in a law firm or if you don’t work intensively with a lawyer.

Most of Indonesian lawyer dislike using Micosoft Excel in managing data, they will 100 times prefer Microsoft Word.

That’s all. Wasalam.

Insurance Agent

“As an insurance agent, if you are asked to choose between commission or Client’s need, which one will you choose?”

A basic yet daily challenging question an insurance agent have to face. The answer which they chose will really determine how they will run their business.

Some years ago, a woman called JS started her experience being a sales, when she was just 17-year-old. Having no many choices, she followed her mom’s step to be an insurance agent.

She was her mom down-liner. This is a very common strategy implemented by 2 people who know each other (commonly happen to family relationship), so they got the commission doubled. Both the down-liner and the up-liner will got the commission once the Client signed the insurance policy.

As JS is her mom’s down-liner, her mom being her team, her coach too. Her mom would teach her on how to do pitching, make illustration, negotiate and by the end of day, got the signing.

Everything went well at first, until JS found out that she and her mom got 2 significantly different concept in making the illustration.

They might be loving each other as mom and daughter, but they don’t work well as a team. JS’s mom is commission oriented, meanwhile on the contrary, JS is Client’s need-oriented.

One day, JS got a call from her friend. This potential Client was a 26-year-old-man, working as an employee, already got protections from some insurance companies. He is working inside building and have small possibility to be injured for an accident.

Looking at this rough background, his friend didn’t really need another insurance policy. He is just asking JS because he wanted to help JS got her first Client. So JS go to her mom, asking help to make the illustration.

JS set the monthly price not more than 1 million, just around IDR 500.000 – IDR 800.000. She went to her Mom and her Mom suggest her to made illustration with monthly price IDR 5.000.000.

JS found it really expensive, so she went back to discuss to her mom, “How could it be that high? He don’t really need these protections.”

“Yeah, but he is young and reach, he must have the money! Quote higher.”

Long story short, JS and her mom are agree on IDR 1.500.000, although JS still think it’s too expensive. So JS brought this illustration to her friend.

As predicted, her friend got surprised of the illustration. “More than 1 million? I thought it would be cheaper than this.”

JS try her best to explain, although she herself agree with her Client’s opinion. At the end, this potential Client don’t want to take the insurance policy.

JS regret and thought to herself, “She shouldn’t follow her mom’s direction at first.”

She has lost a Client, a friend as well.

By this experience, JS learnt that it’s better not to be in a top company as long as we are match with the leader, rather than being part of a top company but having so many incompatibilities with the leader.

Hope you got great leader!


The only sailor I know living in this world is Popeye. No more than him. It becomes different after I met this guy.

One day I took a glass of tea with a stranger in a community’s meet up . And the story flowed.

“So what do you do?”, asked me.

“Driver. I’m a driver.”

“Is it Grab? Go-Jek? Uber?”, I mentioned some big names of start-up companies which provide online transportation booking currently happening in Indonesia.

He gave small smile, “Driver of a ship. I’m a sailor.”

sailor on a ship

“Aha!” I told myself, “It’s even real!”

“Okay, so how do you do?” I continued asking.

“Seeing sea everyday, day and night. No woman, no kids, either family. Only dozens of men sharing same woods, same roofs, same rooms, same food. Living for months above wide deep blue sea, under shining hot sun every morning and dark blue night every night. It’s cold, very cold. It’s hot, very hot.”

Then he took a deep breath and continued, “Sometimes after I get off from the ship, after months of carrying litters of fuel from Arab to China, I can feel my feet swaying. Although I have super sure I have stepped on the ground, I can still feel like I’m tossed around, shaking here and there. It’s kind of funny.”

One thing that is certain is, “Hugs and smiles from people whom I love, is the first thing I miss once I get to see trees and buildings! It’s been my everyday thoughts too, to keep me motivated, day and night.”