A Grieving Daughter

I got a phone call from my relatives. The voice on the other side of the phone told me that my dad’s blood pressure went high. He was hospitalized.

I was still working by the time he told me. Soon I asked permission from my direct supervisor and drove my car to the hospital. I, my mom, and my little brother were waiting anxiously. Praying to God asking for miracle. But fate said otherwise. My father’s life can’t be helped.

He died.

Don’t ask me how I felt. Obviously I was broken. I cried and yelled. I cried so hard. Tears just couldn’t stop running out. Even if I asked it to stop flowing, it couldn’t. I didn’t believe it came so sudden. My father left no goodbye, either to me, my mom, or my little brother.

He was so healthy the day before. He cooked me meal, prepared hot water to me, waiting for me in front of the door knowing that I was working overtime. He is a loving father. It feels so sad to know that God called him this fast. We never knew His plan.

Since then, I never stop crying. I cried to the point my eyes lost its water. It couldn’t flow anymore. My eyes stop shed the tear, but it became so puffy. My heart was super broken.

Some days after it, I remember I was sleeping. Suddenly I heard a super familiar sound, sound of my father’s motorbike! It woke me up happily.

I ran to the door excitedly, got ready to hug my father. It was ruining my heart so bad to see the fact that the one riding the motorbike was actually my father’s brother.

Data Analyst

Who doesn’t know Excel? A green application to tabulate data, quite popular in any working industries, right?

I used to think being able to manage Excel has already been great. But, it is not really. Talking about Excel, we are only controlling around 1 million rows of data.

Did you know? There is a tool to tabulate number with infinity numbers of rows, one of them is… A friend of mine, MI, is an expert in this tool. He is a data analyst. Excel? I think it is just a piece of cake for him.

Then I wonder, why would a data analyst need a tool with infinity limits of rows? What do they need to cound?  What kind of information do they need to analyze that they need this kind of tool? Why does Excel is not enough for them? There are millions of rows there.

Then his story impressed me. He needs to analyze financial report, comparing company A to other companies in the same industries. He would check on the total amount of loan for example, has 12 zeroes, checking how many active accounts at that bank, 3 million for example, then apply ‘one to one’ and or ‘one to many’s rule, listing it one by one, checking the due date, date of payment, interest rate, rest of payment to be deposited and so on. If he or the other data analyst have to use excel to process the data, that one with only around 1 million rows. He can’t imagine how inefficient it will be because they are going to Copy Paste the date to different tab. Possible but it gonna takes a lot of time.

Now that I usually only use not more than 100 rows of Excel, I am amazed there are people in this world need to use the one with infinity rows.


A friend of my friend died inside a cliff, tragically.

For some of you, cycling might be another kind of fun activity to release stress. But for a friend of my friend, let’s call him AZ, cycling was not just another funny action of pedalling a bike’s wire, it’s an ambition. It’s a live goal.

His dream was to travel all around the world just by cycling. How did you think? Was it possible? In my point of view, it was quite impossible.

But as for a cyclist, he could manage to make it happen. Because all he needed is a pair of strong legs, padded shorts and cycling jerseys, water bottle and bottle cage, sport shoes, helmet, and obviously a bicycle. His dream sounded impossible for me at first, but slowly he tried to make it happen. At first country A then B then C and so on.

Till one day he reached Nepal, a plateau. Before he reached this country, his family has warned him to be careful. It’s a challenging route, the longest downhill route on earth. Fate was fate. Destiny was destiny. We could never predict.

His family suddenly lost contact with him, didn’t get any message reply from him. The next day, a corpse was found at the end of the cliff near his cycling area.

I’m feeling bad for his death. At another point, I’m glad that once in my life I have that kind of friend. He might have left this world, but his dream stays, at least in my mind, waiting for the next cyclist to make it come true.

Grateful Person of Hot Water

It’s a weekly community meeting. Ten of us are sitting together. We are asked about one of the things we are really grateful about. 

One says A and B, about job and families and health and any other general things. This one impresses me the most. 

“I’m so grateful of being able to have a shower with hot water,” that’s what AR, a 28-year-old man tells to the entire people in the room. 

We are all seeing him silently. Our mouth might not say a word, but our eyes do asking why, staring curiously. 

That’s how the story starts. 

“Once I lived in a village which water derives from the rain. The water was… It was bad. It got sticky to your skin whenever you try to rinse off your skin. That kind of feeling you get when there is remaining soap which couldn’t be rinsed off no matter how many times you try to rub it. The only way to deal with it is by convincing your mine that the water is clean while it was not. That’s how I finish my shower all the time.

Long story short, some months after it I moved to another place. This time, the water was not sticky as the previous one, but it had wiggler! Well, I got no idea whether this is better than the previous one or not.

Then I moved again to another place, this time to a little bit slum area of this city. Hmm, maybe not slum, maybe just a suburban area. I had less working experience, less money as well. That’s why I couldn’t afford to rent a good living place. Working up until night and wake up early in the morning. One of the hardest thing to deal with after stepping my feet to the bathroom and before going to sleep is, cold water. It’s the kind of cold which made me shivering. My bones can feel it. I dislike showering with cold water. And I did it for several months. 

But today, I’m so thankful that now I get a better job. I can rent a room with hot-water shower. I don’t need to take a deep breath before showering. No more winter season during my cleaning time. I am happy, so grateful.”

That’s how AR impresses me, and maybe others in the room as well. Showering with hot water might be something ordinary for several people, but for some others, it’s a type of luxury. 

Stay-At-Home Citizen

It’s March and a viral virus named Corona just entered Indonesia. Known as a virus which rapidly spreads, public health professionals requires the citizen to do social distancing, our movement need to be limited in order to flatten the curve of this virus deployment.

As an obedient citizen, yet a full-of-awareness human being, I obey the government’s recommendation, stay at home for at least 2 weeks.

For a super extrovert human being like me, I finally able to feel how a panda and or a bird actually feel when they are in a cage all day long, how a fish swimming here and there in an aquarium. I finally understand too how Rapunzel felt in a movie.

So everyday in a morning, I open my curtain, feel the sun light, see swimming pool and trees and table and chair and bird and high buildings outside my apartment, no one is there. It just stuffs.

And I just realized that it is super relate-able with the lyrics of “See the Light” Song in Disney Edition of Tangled movie. I truly appreciate every single words of the lyrics.

All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I've been

And so on.

So there comes a day I open youtube and dance and do the workout, open instagram and do yoga, open podcast and hear a financial education session, grab a drawing book and a brush and start to paint, click on my Whatsapp and dial a video call to my friends and family, download a game in my playstore and do online battle with my friends, open Smule and do virtual jamming with my peeps, then I realize I started doing the things I used to play when I was in senior high school. And it is not difficult to admit that…

This is fun.

This is more than fun!

Actually I was planning to take some days off for the sake of job changing, planning to save the date to travel abroad or any other places I wished I have gone. Bu the disease made me have to cancel the trip.

It’s good.

While the offices, mall, and so on limit, postpone, or even stop their operational, people are warned to stay at home, mobilization is limited, no air pollution, the earth is resting!

There is beauty in everything, it depends on by which point of view we want to see it. And at the end it is like our mother earth wants to say, “Hi human, I’m okay without you living inside me and destroy me day by day with your air pollution and daily rubbish.”

Teacher – Educator

There are 2 kinds of teacher in this world. The first one is a teacher only. The second one is a teacher as well as an educator. I love to be the second-type one. A friend of mine is.

He was a teacher in a school of character, let’s call him SN. The first period of the teaching for him was not easy. The school had a high standard. One of them is in the aspect of politeness.

All the teachers would be asked to respect the security guard and cleaning service. Saying god morning with a warm and lovely tone, followed by a welcoming gesture. This has to be a habit for all the teachers. Well for some teachers, this is not easy.

If there is a teacher who wasn’t wiling to do so, the Principal will call this teacher and rebuke him. This has to be a habit embedded in the teachers.

Long story short, someday, a student of SN asked SN, “Sir, why do I have to respect them? They are filthy. I don’t want to. Their cloth and skin is always full of sweat and or any other dirt.

Then SN asked the kid, “Hi kid, do you think they are a human?”

Then the kid nodded.


“Okay good, are you human too?”

The kid nodded again.

“Okay, smart kid. What do you eat?”

The kid thought for a while before he finally answered, “Rice most of the time, Sir.”

“Okay, then do you think they eat rice too?”

The kid thought for a while too before said yes in the end.

SN told them, “If both of you are human and eating rice, then why there must be a reason for you not to respect that man? He is just earning not as much money as your parents did. But we are all the same, we are human, God’s creation, born and being loved, born to love as well. We both eat the same rice, breath the same air and drink the same water, even praise the same God too. If you can respect me as your teacher who didn’t earn as much money as your parents did, why can’t you respect the cleaning service and or security?”


How do you think life as a freelancer is?

Let me share you a story of life of a Food Blogger, Public Relations Officer, Digital Marketer, Advertisement Campaigner, Social Media Specialist – Freelancer.

His apartment is his office. From table to chair, sofa to floor, television to bed, anything anywhere he could sit at and put on his laptop, it is his working area.

Here it is, story of FS! A creative-young -adult, good in reviewing and designing, working everywhere. Everywhere is his office. And nowhere is his office.

“FS, it is nice to know you. I always wanted to be a freelancer, I think it is cool working for some companies and becoming boss of my own time. How is it living as a freelancer?” asked me to FS.

Man looking at computer code on a laptop while working from his small office.

He smiled. “Yes, it is good. I’ve been working as a freelancer for around 3 years, and sometimes I feel lonely. Sometimes I get a kind of feeling to sit in a office like I used to did. There are moments I’m losing my motivation, and bed just make me wanted to sleep. Hahaha, for me it is the hardest one to be controlled.”

“Wow, so I can say sometimes you missed … kind of office atmosphere?” asked me to him.

“Yes, yes, kind of. You know, sometimes when you are overwhelmed a little bit, you just need to stand up, find people and talk for a while, laugh, eating something, sharing something, do whatever it is to make you relax a little bit. And a good point sitting in front of a laptop in a office is, you are not allowed to sleep. But as if I worked alone, I can sleep anywhere I wanted too. I just need to fulfill the deadline.”

“Oh I see. So the temptation to sleep and managing your own time is kind of … challenging? hahaha” asked me to him laughing.

Accident Victim

Story of BB, 18 year old student, a victim as well as a rescuer. 

“It was a sunny day at Yogya when our government launched Transyogya, a public bus operating around the city, connecting almost every area of my lovely town. 

I was standing up, holding the grip, until our bus almost get into the station. When I looked forward, I am confused why the bus didn’t stop or slower the speed whereas there was another bus in front of us. 

Seriously, not long after that, our bus hit on the bus in which was in a stop position located in front of us. My body was moving forward in a very high speed, as well as everyone in the bus. 

Not long after the accident, I get myself back. As I looked around, every one was hurt. Some officers helped some of the passengers to get out of the bus. I tried to rescue them to, especially the old men. 

I helped them one by one. From grandpa to grandma, adult to kids, ladies and men, till I became the last man standing in the bus. When I was about to get off, an officer looked me in the eye and said, “Hey young boy thanks for helping! You are such a kind-hearted man.”

Not long after that he looked down at my red elbow. Then that man said, “Wow you even bear that wound while rescuing these people?”

Furthermore I look at my hand and just realize that my hand was hurt. There were some glass flakes pierced. I was surprised and just able to feel the pain.

Then I laughed to him, “Hahaha thanks for letting me know.”

Then I was frozen. Speechless as well. He pulled me out of the bus and brought me to a hospital together with dozens of other patients.

Long story short, my hand was bandaged.

Weeks later, I was healed. My hand was recovered, I could use it normally. I took off the bandage and put it inside of a photo frame and hang it on my sleeping room’s wall.

Every time I feel bad about myself, I will look up to that bandage and remind myself that once in my life I’ve ever been a hero without wings or spider webs, and it makes me feel more than great.


Can we address someone who works for 66 hours a week as a workaholic?

In my dictionary it’s a yes.

So here it is, story of RK, a 24-year-old, funny yet quirky Management Trainee of a hotpot restaurant.

“How can you choose this job, RK?” asked me to this beautiful lady in a sunny day, drinking hot chocolate.

“Well, It’s quite not a short story, but I can say that I’m kind of trapped, told her to me then blinking her eyes a little bit, then she continued.

“I don’t believe I’m living this kind of life now. Working like a robot and seeing some humans truly working as they are a super powerful robot, only need some hours to be charged then working for the whole day. This is kind of unbelievable. True story, anyway!

Being a Management Trainee for a hotpot restaurant made me live this kind of life.

I am more than grateful. 

Wake up at 8.30 am in the morning, have shower, make a super neat hair bun and use hair wax, use handie talkie and get used to if it’s cable, then go to work. 

There are even some procedures to go to toilet or to drink because during working time I wear company’s uniform. 


I thought it is going to be a super boring life. But it turns out, not really. There are gems inside this kind of life.  It is fun! 

I learn how to play rubic twist, making a ball shape and a heart shape and a dog shape and snake shape whatever it is you name it.

I learn to dance with noodle, pulling the noodle dough here and there, make a beautiful movement then creates a syhmphony. Kind of new art and new game. Again, new experience.

I get a chance to live with 5 other Chinese women, eating a super Chinese breakfast.  Having goji berry and plum and longan to be cooked with porridge and served as breakfast.  Then having a Mandarin conversation breakfast. It is somehow makes me feel like I’m living in a little China town. 

Those are new things I experienced which made my life becomes more colorful. Who says you have to go to a far place to do new things? Any experiments can be done anywhere. Go ahead, try at least 1 each day!  “

Make Up Lady

“We ladies do make up not to impress a man. We make up to impress ladies too. Because if we do it to impress man, we won’t do make up. We will be naked.”

Story of YP,  25-year-old cheerful expressive lady.

“Do you think man are going to notice when you put on your fake eyebrow?  When you cut your hair?

No. They won’t. They won’t care whether you are wearing blouse, pajama, shirt or gown, put your make up on or not. They wouldn’t notice it.

But as for a lady, seeing her friends having their bangs cut a slight of millimeter, putting new tiny earrings, ladies will know. They have this kind of magic eyes to realize this kind of little changes.

But someday a man come to me and realize that I was different.

That day I was following a famous beauty blogger on how to put blush on on my cheeks. She taught me to put it bravely, with full of confident.

That’s how I did. Blushing all the pink powder onto my cute face. Then I went to office.

“YP,  hi morning!”

“Morning, bro.”

Then he looked at me seriously. He asked me in a worry emotion, “YP, what happen to you?  Are you okay? Are you good? Why your face is so red?”

make up lady

Well I was super okay and healthy and fine before he asked me that question. But hearing his question, that he even don’t realize that my red blush is because of my make up made me kinda feel sad and disappointed and bad and not okay.

But anyway, yeah starting from that day I didn’t use blush on that thickly. Cursing a little bit the beauty blogger.

And another story, this time not for blush on. This time is highlighter story.  I heard them (read; beauty blogger) tell me that highlighter made my face looked glowing.

So I used it to office.

You know what?  A man friend of mine come to me with an expressive face asking, “Hi girl,  where were you been?”

“Just arrivved,” told me smiling.

“I see… That’s why you look so sweaty. “



My highlighter which I bought in quite a pricey price by a review from a famous beauty blogger which I thought will bring kind of happiness and proud and beauty, punch my inner heart.

That product which I thought would make my face glowing and shining is truly makes it glowing in a way a man see it was sweaty.

I was mad I thought.

I went to toilet and cried and I never used either that highlighter or blush on anymore. Et al.”