Joyful Great-Grandma

This is a story of someone I look up to. A great-grandmother of 3 great-grandsons, a grandmother of 8 grandsons, and a mother of 4 kids.

She is 80 something this year, but she has such a youthful spirit. Let’s call her HG.

Let me tell you how she looks like. Heels will be her choice of shoes, followed by black short pants and blue jeans shirt. Then at the corner of her collar, you can see white sparkling brooch. During this pandemic time, she always put her shocking-pink yet cheerful mask on her face. If she open her mask, you can see her reddish blush on. Look her in the eye, there is a sparkling light green eye shadow followed with eye liner and fake eyelashes.

Her style is beautiful, livelier than mine, the writer. I’m just 20 something but I had never found a grandma this unique.

She brings smiles anywhere.

She says thank you with love, a very sincere one, comes from the deepest part of her heart. She would look in the eye of the person and speak it from the bottom of her heart.

She is one of the most romantic lady. She would loyally accompany his husband, bring him walk, feed him food, serve him physically and mentally. She is a very good companion. Her act of kindness towards his husband and family shows her affection.

She has traveled almost all around the countries. She had a lot of fun and gratefulness. Sometimes she got lost too on her way back to toilet or hotel. She sometimes forget things easily, which I can really comprehend.

She is one of the loveliest human being. Her love to others is awesome.

Why could she be this happy, healthy, and long life? What is her secret of live?


She is God’s disciple. She reads Bible every day, after and before bed. She speaks words of God, praise and worship Him. Her love comes from God, that’s why it flows naturally.

A Girl with a Boy Name

“What’s your name?”

“Andika,” answered a long hair girl to me wearing a backpack during my walking tour. 

Get to know new people is interesting. 

“Is there any story why you are named Andika?  Is it because your parents want a baby boy?” asked me to her. 

“Hmm, don’t have any special reasons,  it is just named this way.”

“Okay. This is just unique. Glad to know you, Dika!”

“Oh, but here is a story. When I ordered Gojek (online ojek), I always feel tired of explaining to the driver that I’m a girl.  They would always misunderstand me. They thought I’m a boy.”

“Mas, where are you?” this had been their every time question.

One time I got tired of being misunderstood. So I changed my name in the application. I wrote Andina instead of Andika. Yeah,  it’s a total girl name. 
Praise the Lord!  After that, they didn’t misunderstand me as a boy anymore.

One day, when I saw an ojek came, I asked him to confirm whether he is the right ojek or not. So I told him my name, “Andika?”

Then he revised my name, “No mba,  Andina.”

Hahaha now he revised my name. Ok fine thank you next.”

Lesson to a Young Mother

Here is a lesson for every mother, happened to a mother who abandoned her daughter who sobbed because her fingers were pinched by a glass door of a restaurant.

Based on a true story in a metropolitan city.

My mother was having lunch in a restaurant when she was surprised by the sound of a crying girl. It was loud and pathetic. She looked around and noticed some meters from her table, a 4-year-old beautiful little girl was crying because of her fingers wedged between the glass doors.

Her mother walked in front of her just knew that terrible thing happened to her beloved daughter. She was walking in front of her daughter because they were in a hurry. Hearing that sound, this young mother quickly came to the glass door and did anything to release her daughter’s finger from the door.

Soon after the fingers not wedged anymore, she pulled her daughter’s hand. The injured fingers were on the left hand, so her mother pulled the right hand. That pity little daughter cried in a heavy way, to the point she couldn’t breathe properly. Her mother kept on walking fast and scolding on her daughter, like she didn’t care.

May be she told it was her daughter’s mistake? And she wanted to let her baby girl learned something from this accident? Well, I have no idea.

cryingb baby girl

My mother had noticed this from afar, felt sorry for this little girl but can do nothing except watching from afar.

As my mother noticed this incident, the crying sound got louder. Unexpectedly, this little girl let go of her mother’s grip. She ran quickly to my mother and hugged my mother, a totally random stranger, who was sitting at a random table in the restaurant.

Got hug by a crying kid, my mother was surprised. Automatically she tried her best to calm down this kid, “Oh, sweety, it’s hurt ya? Let me see it?”

My mother took her fingers and was surprised, it’s bleeding. Then she blew it a little bit and said, “Darling, it’s gonna be okay. You are going to be okay.”

Then my mom hugged her tightly. After that grabbing a bottle of eucalyptus oil which she always brought anywhere, put in her magic bag.

She poured it a little bit onto her palm, then rubbed it off to this kid’s finger. At the same time softly rubbed her hair too, saying everything’s gonna be fine.

Where was her biological mother at that time?

Watching her crying daughter fall onto the hug of a stranger and soothed by another stranger acted as a mother.

It might be the kids’ fingers that are injured, but I think it might be this young mother’s heart that was broken the most.

Mother Working as a CEO

“Hi JG, so happy to meet you, so how’s life?”, ask me to JG, a 50-year-old successful CEO having a 10-year-old beautiful daughter. 

“Hi too!  Thank you for asking. Life’s been very good, very productive as well.”

Suddenly JG’s phone ringing. JG open her phone and open a photo of a beautiful hand drawing. She smiled proudly and show me the phone. 

“Woww… Such a beautiful hand drawing! Is it drawn by your daughter? “

“Yes, it is.”

“This is wonderful, a young kid like her can draw this very detail. She is talented in drawing, I can tell it by seeing this beautiful astronaut. If I’m not mistaken, she is having a holiday, right?”

“Thank you for the compliment! Yes, she is. A long one.”

“Oh really? Until when?”

“Until around August. It’s still a long time to go. I wonder if I can accompany her. Unfortunately, I can’t really do. And our nanny’s just kind of runaway. She can’t be contacted after Lebaran holiday.

So my daughter kind of losing one of her best friends.”

Well, I’m kind of speechless to hear it, I don’t really have any solution. The only thing I can do is to be the best listener. So I sat there, just talking. 

“I think we can find something like a class or a program to join, kids camp or something alike.”

“Yes, I’m looking for one. How to say… As her mother, I wish I can accompany her, letting her know I can always be her best friend. But at some point,  I wish she could understand that my responsibility as a CEO of a law firm makes my day full. I’ve tried my best to arrange a time for her, gives her the best school, the healthiest food, the most beautiful cloth, any best thing for her. But maybe all she needs is quality time, I’m trying my best to fulfill it. “

“Hi dear, I can see it, I can feel it. I notice every single act of your love to her. From the way your eyes read her messages, to the way you blow her hair, it tells everything, more than words. Even you set your special phone ringtone to differentiate her messages from your Clients right?”

JG didn’t say anything. But her eyes kind of saying that she is nodding. I believe it’s a yes,  so I continued. 

“I noticed that too! You are the best mom, and the best CEO as well!”

Not long after that, JG’s phone ringing again. This time a bit longer, a special ringtone from her little princess. JG picked up her phone and said, “I’ll be there! Let’s grab sushi together.”

I got surprised, we just had a full delicious dinner. I’m still full, and I believe she is full as well. 

“So you are having another dinner? Again?” asked me half laughing.

“Hahaha yes, my second round of dinner, with my princess. Sorry, the best CEO mother is leaving. Good night! And thank you!” 

Working Mother

“Sleep at 11 pm tonight and have to wake up 4 am in the morning. Happy, tired, and more than grateful!”

A story of MD, a 30 year old mother, having a lovely daughter, working as a Personal Assistant.

“I find it amazing if I look back at my previous days, how I wake up 4.30 am every morning, cooking breakfast and lunch for my family, bring my little daughter to school, then riding motorcycle to office, changing cloths, using heels, and put on my make up. Work until 7 pm.”

Then MD continued, “Sometimes in the middle of making report, I got a phone call from home. My daughter is crying, sometimes because she simply miss me, sometimes because she is sick, sometimes because any other reasons. Then I need to stop for a while and makes everything alright.

It has never been easy. Sometimes I need to choose between work and family. Of course family is forever number 1 in my heart. But, if there is no work, I got no money too for fulfilling her needs. So, time management is a must-have value in my life. I need to know my priority”

“What makes you able to do these things?” I’m questioning her.

“Hmm…” She stopped for a while, then answered, “I’m not sure too. I just keep it up hour by hour, day by day, keep doing it, no matter what happens. Maybe her happy face in my mind made me able to face this. It’s not that difficult after I did it several times. I got used to of it.”

MD also suggested me,”Hey you, young lady, enjoy your youth. You still have many more years to come! Don’t be afraid to be a mother, don’t also be afraid to be a working mother, it’s wonderful. You’ll love it.”