Let’s talk about lawyer’s profession today.

I just finished a conversation with a Lawyer, let’s name him Jack.

I told him that before I got to work in a law firm, what I know about lawyer’s profession is only by what I saw in television and or Korean drama. The image of a man wearing a black cloak in a courthouse, pulling his suitcase or cart filled with hundred pages of civil documents is the only thing I know about lawyer’s world. It’s the only scope of work a lawyer have to do in an eye of an innocent junior high school student like me.

A lawyer is someone who will often say, “Objection, Your Excellency, based on proof XX, the suspect YY and any other lalalayeyeye.” And in my childhood image, a lawyer is a man job only.

Probably you who are reading this writing is also thinking the same way or were also thinking this way?

It it appropriate to blame the television for this stereotype created towards this issue?

Okay, keep calm, dear TV, I won’t blame you. Surprisingly in fact, Jack, this friend of mine, an ex-Senior-Associate in one of Top 10 Law Firm in Indonesia, even just knew deeper about Lawyer’s world after he has graduated from his law faculty and worked in a law firm.

Funny, isn’t it?

So, I just knew that scope of work of a lawyer is wide since I worked at a law firm and or a company. Lawyer isn’t only someone who work to win a case in a court.

To make it short, there are 2 kinds of lawyer, a corporate lawyer and a litigation lawyer. A litigation lawyer’s job description is something similar like what I have explained above. But what I explained is just a very tiny part of it.

In this writing I’m going to share a story of lawyer which you seldom watch in TV, another point of view of lawyer which I get by months of working with some lawyers. So, this is it, a story of Jack, a corporate lawyer.

A corporate lawyer has so many things to do. What are their scope of works?

Reviewing documents, drafting agreements, drafting SOP, learning the legal aspect of a company, analyzing and interpreting regulations, conducting due diligence, acquiring a company, managing right issue, and many more.

We haven’t talked about compliance yet. Sometimes, a corporate lawyer’s scope of work is also including compliance. Wow, there is even more checklist to be fulfilled if we talked about compliance.

Last but not least, I’d like to end this article with another fun fact which you might not have the privilege to know if you don’t work in a law firm or if you don’t work intensively with a lawyer.

Most of Indonesian lawyer dislike using Micosoft Excel in managing data, they will 100 times prefer Microsoft Word.

That’s all. Wasalam.

Smoking Lawyer

“If you are not my friend, I won’t tell you to stop smoking. Bro, I hate that smell. I dislike your body scent, your cigarette, but I like you personally,” told me to a friend of mine, AS, 25-year-old, a male smoking lawyer.

“When was the first time you start smoking?” a basic typical question I asked to start a chit-chat.

“Some years ago, when I was finishing my thesis.”

“How was it? Are you stressed out? Is last semester of college giving you such a big pressure of life?”

“Hmm… Not that difficult. It’s’ just I’m staying with my friends who are smoker. I tried a bit and I just keep doing it until today.”

“So, you are addicted to it?” judged me to him.

“Well, I’m not addicted. I just get used to it.”

“You are not addicted. You are just get used to of it,” told me re-saying his words, stating but at the same time asking.

a smoking man

“How could it be? What’s the difference?”

“Addictive is something like… If I don’t smoke, I will be dizzy, I will be sick f cigarette, miss it like a lot, I really need to smoke and feel the white smoke blowing through my nasal cavity. But getting used to of it means, I only get used to of sucking it. When for example I don’t have enough money and or time to smoke, I won’t be dizzy or feel any kind of sickness.”

I nodded but still continue to asked, “Okay then, why do you still smoking? Why don’t you change it to something else?”

“Change to what?” he automaticlly reply me without even thinking.

“Candy maybe,” then I saw him in silence.

Then we both laugh. “Hi deer, not dear, how can it be substituted by candy? It doesn’t have any smoke sis. It can’t be changed. Besides, I need it to and or build relationship, either with my Clients, another lawyers, judge, police officer, or any other kind of networking. It is the only time everyone can sit and enjoy relaxing time.”

Then as I write this article, I realize that, for AS and may be any other smoker who do smoking because of the above reason, smoking might be their unique way of having a new/good networking.

But for me and probably another non-smoker person, our ‘smoking’ is running, reading, dancing, writing, listening to music and any other similiar cheerful things!