Data Analyst

Who doesn’t know Excel? A green application to tabulate data, quite popular in any working industries, right?

I used to think being able to manage Excel has already been great. But, it is not really. Talking about Excel, we are only controlling around 1 million rows of data.

Did you know? There is a tool to tabulate number with infinity numbers of rows, one of them is… A friend of mine, MI, is an expert in this tool. He is a data analyst. Excel? I think it is just a piece of cake for him.

Then I wonder, why would a data analyst need a tool with infinity limits of rows? What do they need to cound?  What kind of information do they need to analyze that they need this kind of tool? Why does Excel is not enough for them? There are millions of rows there.

Then his story impressed me. He needs to analyze financial report, comparing company A to other companies in the same industries. He would check on the total amount of loan for example, has 12 zeroes, checking how many active accounts at that bank, 3 million for example, then apply ‘one to one’ and or ‘one to many’s rule, listing it one by one, checking the due date, date of payment, interest rate, rest of payment to be deposited and so on. If he or the other data analyst have to use excel to process the data, that one with only around 1 million rows. He can’t imagine how inefficient it will be because they are going to Copy Paste the date to different tab. Possible but it gonna takes a lot of time.

Now that I usually only use not more than 100 rows of Excel, I am amazed there are people in this world need to use the one with infinity rows.


At Jakarta, Indonesia, Covid-19 Outbreak makes our Governor issue regulations, letting employees work from home (WFH) to reduce the spread of the virus. But not all people has the privilege to do WFH. Some still needs to work from office (WFO) every day.

As for me, working in a bank industry, and I’m still in probation period, I have to WFO every day. Well, actually I don’t really have that urgency to come to office every day, but as an in-a-probation-officer, I choose to fulfill 100% requirement of my boss, so that’s what I do, go to office every day.

I know that most of my friends are working from home every day. And I’m kind of envy. While I need to wake up minimum 1 hour earlier than they do in order to be able to reach office on time, they can wake up just some minutes before their working time.

I got envy too, I need to spend more money for transporting from my living place to office. And since Covid-19 happens, my company placed me to an office more far than my first office, so I don’t only need to spare extra money for grabbing a car, but also spend more time to travel as well.

While my other WFH friends can happily work with their family, but here I am working with my workmates. Not that I hate my workmates, but it is nicer to work at home, so cozy and surrounded by the people whom you love.

Another thing, my friends can enjoy lunch at home, while I need to wake up another 1 hour earlier to cook. Well, I can order food online, but there will be another extra cost.

At least those all what make me envy with WFH peeps of mine at the first place.

But after having quite a few conversation with them who do WFH every day, they’re experiencing different struggle than me. And now after I hear it, I don’t know which one is better.

They indeed can wake up a little later every day, sometimes they even work after lunch, which is not more than 8 hours a day. But all of my friends experiencing this truly aware that this new condition is not good and they want to change their laziness. They said they get used to of working on their bed, sometimes sleep during their working hour, doing anything but not working. And it becomes their new normal, Kind of a bad habit for them.

Some are having a long-working-hour, working even after 7 pm, having no boundaries.

Some are being sick, too many cholesterol because staying too long at home and not doing workout.

Well, what I want to say, either you are working for home or working from office, we are facing difficulties and we are adapting to it together. Now I stop complaining, which is good.

Instead of trying to change the thing I can’t change, I try to enjoy the things meant to be, adapt to it and finally learn to love it.