A Grieving Daughter

I got a phone call from my relatives. The voice on the other side of the phone told me that my dad’s blood pressure went high. He was hospitalized.

I was still working by the time he told me. Soon I asked permission from my direct supervisor and drove my car to the hospital. I, my mom, and my little brother were waiting anxiously. Praying to God asking for miracle. But fate said otherwise. My father’s life can’t be helped.

He died.

Don’t ask me how I felt. Obviously I was broken. I cried and yelled. I cried so hard. Tears just couldn’t stop running out. Even if I asked it to stop flowing, it couldn’t. I didn’t believe it came so sudden. My father left no goodbye, either to me, my mom, or my little brother.

He was so healthy the day before. He cooked me meal, prepared hot water to me, waiting for me in front of the door knowing that I was working overtime. He is a loving father. It feels so sad to know that God called him this fast. We never knew His plan.

Since then, I never stop crying. I cried to the point my eyes lost its water. It couldn’t flow anymore. My eyes stop shed the tear, but it became so puffy. My heart was super broken.

Some days after it, I remember I was sleeping. Suddenly I heard a super familiar sound, sound of my father’s motorbike! It woke me up happily.

I ran to the door excitedly, got ready to hug my father. It was ruining my heart so bad to see the fact that the one riding the motorbike was actually my father’s brother.

Priest’s Daughter

My lovely daughter got back from her school, happily showed me her new plant. It was a 10-cm-small-flower pot filled with fertile soil.

“Daddy, daddy! See, I will have my own flower! I’m growing it. Yeayyy!” she looked so happy. I could tell only just listened to her voice. Her tone told me everything.

“Wow, what a nice experiment! Good luck sweety! I can’t wait to see it grow!

The next day, she watered her plant, steered the soil, looked after the seed, then started to think. She kept doing it everyday, wondering when this seed will grow.

So in the third day, I told her, “Darling, if you kept doing it, it won’t grow. Just let it be, just give your seed more time to grow.”

So my sweetheart just kept watering her flower-to-be. She got less excited day by day. Her excitement going down.

As her daddy and a common human being having less experience in a farming area, I got curious and exasperated day by day, wondering why this buried seed didn’t give any living signs.

So I checked on the internet about what I could do. It made me challenged. I did as it is instructed, did this and that, then waiting for another week and then months passed.

The seed didn’t grow, even just a bit.

Okay, it made me kind of speechless.

My daughter got disappointed, she expected it to grow in a month, but nothing has changed. Her disappointment led me to disappointment too. As her father, I felt like I had an opportunity to create her smile.

In the third month, I got an idea!

I went to a florist, bought a stalk of red rose, brought it home then put it exactly at the top of the seed!

When my daughter came back home, I could see her eyes glaring so big! She looked at the flower to the way her eyeballs almost falling down. She was happy, super happy. Then he called me, “Daddy daddy! See, see! It grows! Horaayyy!”

I laughed on it, happy to see her happy, “Congratulations, sweety!”

“But daddy, I think this is crazy. It is not like this yesterday, why is it growing this fast? It’s strange, isn’t it?

I smiled at her, “Ah, For the power of God, nothing is impossible, honey.”

kid with rose