Teacher – Educator

There are 2 kinds of teacher in this world. The first one is a teacher only. The second one is a teacher as well as an educator. I love to be the second-type one. A friend of mine is.

He was a teacher in a school of character, let’s call him SN. The first period of the teaching for him was not easy. The school had a high standard. One of them is in the aspect of politeness.

All the teachers would be asked to respect the security guard and cleaning service. Saying god morning with a warm and lovely tone, followed by a welcoming gesture. This has to be a habit for all the teachers. Well for some teachers, this is not easy.

If there is a teacher who wasn’t wiling to do so, the Principal will call this teacher and rebuke him. This has to be a habit embedded in the teachers.

Long story short, someday, a student of SN asked SN, “Sir, why do I have to respect them? They are filthy. I don’t want to. Their cloth and skin is always full of sweat and or any other dirt.

Then SN asked the kid, “Hi kid, do you think they are a human?”

Then the kid nodded.


“Okay good, are you human too?”

The kid nodded again.

“Okay, smart kid. What do you eat?”

The kid thought for a while before he finally answered, “Rice most of the time, Sir.”

“Okay, then do you think they eat rice too?”

The kid thought for a while too before said yes in the end.

SN told them, “If both of you are human and eating rice, then why there must be a reason for you not to respect that man? He is just earning not as much money as your parents did. But we are all the same, we are human, God’s creation, born and being loved, born to love as well. We both eat the same rice, breath the same air and drink the same water, even praise the same God too. If you can respect me as your teacher who didn’t earn as much money as your parents did, why can’t you respect the cleaning service and or security?”

Full Time Lecturer

“If you don’t love to teach, never be a lecturer.”

HD, a full time lecturer

A message from HD, 29 year-old helpful friendly yet a handsome lecturer.

“Hi HD, as a full time lecturer, I find it quite difficult to arrange a time to meet you. Are you that busy?” asked me to him in an Indonesian Restaurant at Jakarta.

“Hahaha, really? I know I’m busy, but not that busy. Still, we make time to meet. But anyway, it’s not easy to be a lecturer in Indonesia.”

“Not easy? Why?”

“So many target and duties to be accomplished. I don’t have much time to relax. My schedule is quite tight.”

“How busy is it, Mr. Lecturer?” I teased him a bit.

“Mr. Lecturer? How dare you call me that old! Haha. Anyway, have you ever heard about Tri Dharma? My life as a full time lecturer is around this circle. Tri Dharma.”

“I think I’ve ever heard it, but I forget things easily. hahaha Would you mind to share it, Sir? Uhm Bro I mean.”

“Tri Dharma, as it is called, is based on 3 principals: education, research, and community dedication. I and dozens of full time lecturer out there have to do Tri Dharma as an obligation. There is also minimum hour we have to fulfill. Teaching itself and checking students’ answer have consumed a lot of our time, let alone research and community dedication. There are points for that activity. That’s why I tell you, if you don’t love to teach, never be a teacher. Or you’ll be stressful.”

“Aha! I see, such a challenging career. Then, why do you say you love teaching? What makes you fall into it?”

HD doesn’t need to really think about it, “I just love to see those eyes saying ‘I don’t understand’ kind of stare is changed to be ‘This is super interesting’ kind of stare.”

That’s the moment I feel like a Superman, Spiderman, Antman, whatever it is you name it. That’s the moment I feel more human, I feel I’m being myself. I love this kind of feeling.

A lecturer is teaching

It keeps me waking up everyday, setting my morning alarm earlier to prepare my brain, following up to myself about how I wanted to start the class, made me stay late at night, checking my students answers’ and even preparing my national thesis. Gone from one city to another city, do the national presentation and met other lecturers from different universities, striving to attain higher degree, doing social project during weekends, and many more.

Dude, you need to love teaching enough to make you are able to sacrifice those time and effort.”

Grieving Student

I dedicate this post special to my junior and high school teacher, FR who just passed away on 11 November 2019, in his thirteenth day after he got baptism, a cancer fighter as well.

It was around 5 pm when I opened a group-chat with my high school friends. Not like usual, the group was so active, full of messages. I scrolled it up and read such unexpected news.

“Dear friends, our teacher, FR passed away at 2 pm today. Let’s pray he will rest in peace.”

I can not really explain how I feel, but I know this is a sad feeling. It feels like I’m not losing only a teacher, I’m losing a friend, an idol, an advisor.

I might have graduated from high school, even university and had spent years without talking to him. But knowing he was still alive just make me feel okay. And reading the news that one of my best teachers passed away made me broke into pieces.

Some months ago this year, I got a shared link from Kitabisa.com , a fundraising platform. Reading the name, I was surprised because I read that my teacher’s name is in the need of help. Soon I clicked it and my curiosity was confirmed once I look at the picture.

It was his picture. It was his body. It was his face.

And I was kind of speechless. I remembered clearly in my mind how he taught me and my friends years back then around 10 years ago. He was standing in front of the class, holding a black marker on his right hand, mathematics or physics or chemistry book on the other hand. Sometimes joking while teaching, and when we students laughed and opened our mouth, that’s the moment he threw us pills of lessons and wisdom.

He was a smart teacher. No. He is a smart teacher.

If it was not because of his help, I’m not sure whether I could love math, physics, and or chemistry. He could simplify the questions and guide me to do it in an easy, fast, correct way.

He was tall and healthy. His hair will be arranged neatly, sometimes with hair oil sometimes without. But one thing that I’m sure is that he would always keep his typical curly little beard under his small chin. It kept hanging. Even if he cut it off, he would keep a little part of it hanging.

Now that he has been up there with Father in Heaven, I wanted to memorize him in a happy way.

First, he will always be my teacher. Second, it’s funny how he pulled his beard and touched his belly while teaching. This will always be his thing.

Although he is not living anymore, my memory about him will always exist.

It will always be there.


A lecturer

“I’m the victim of university’s system. I used to teach Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). The dean asked me to continue my master degree. So I did. By the end of my thesis submission, they told me no more left for IMC class because they had cut the class quota for new regulation adjustment. Only permanent lecturers are selected. I wasn’t. So I’m unemployed.”

“Oh really?  How can they discharge a great teacher like you,” I got a bit disappointed hearing this news.

My ex-lecturer looked up a bit,”Wohoo, thank you for being the first one to mention that. May I know why? I like to hear compliment.”

“Sure! Everyone loves to hear compliment.” I took not-a-deep-breath before continuing, ” You are the only conventional lecture in this modern world, teaching by speaking, don’t use Powerpoint because you want every student to listen and make their own summary based on their understanding while they’re focus on listening. Which is great. It helps me to practice on paying attention. These days when I’m working, I need to pay high attention to my Client. They will speak, sometimes very long and without pause, and being able to summarize their sentence is one of the skills I got from your class. “

My lecture smile widely.

“I haven’t finished yet. Do you remember the day when you asked me and all the students to do presentation and require us to wear blazer as well?  And every one in the classroom looks you with a hateful glance? Even some are cursing on your expensive requirement?  Including me?  Hahaha”

“Sure!  Hahaha Let me guess, you want to thank me?  You’re welcome. “

“Hahahha how can you know?”

“You are not the first student thanking me. I know a day like this will happen. I know someday all of you will thank me. So yeah, my most welcome.”

“Yes, thank you for it, Sir. I was forced to buy it and I need to wear it like almost everyday, while having interview, while meeting Clients, even when I’m having internal meeting. Thanks to you that I bought it years before.”

“Lucky you don’t buy that expensive blazer with your own money, but with your parents’ money ya. hahaha I have predicted it too.”

“Aha!  Hahahaha so that’s why back then you asked us to buy it ya. A very good yet precise decision. Many thanks, Mr. Lecturer.”

“Okay, now since you have known the benefit and thanking me, I think a thank-you isn’t complete yet without a cup of hot chocolate? I think blazer is much more expensive than a thank-you-hot-chocolate? hahaha”