Teacher – Educator

There are 2 kinds of teacher in this world. The first one is a teacher only. The second one is a teacher as well as an educator. I love to be the second-type one. A friend of mine is.

He was a teacher in a school of character, let’s call him SN. The first period of the teaching for him was not easy. The school had a high standard. One of them is in the aspect of politeness.

All the teachers would be asked to respect the security guard and cleaning service. Saying god morning with a warm and lovely tone, followed by a welcoming gesture. This has to be a habit for all the teachers. Well for some teachers, this is not easy.

If there is a teacher who wasn’t wiling to do so, the Principal will call this teacher and rebuke him. This has to be a habit embedded in the teachers.

Long story short, someday, a student of SN asked SN, “Sir, why do I have to respect them? They are filthy. I don’t want to. Their cloth and skin is always full of sweat and or any other dirt.

Then SN asked the kid, “Hi kid, do you think they are a human?”

Then the kid nodded.


“Okay good, are you human too?”

The kid nodded again.

“Okay, smart kid. What do you eat?”

The kid thought for a while before he finally answered, “Rice most of the time, Sir.”

“Okay, then do you think they eat rice too?”

The kid thought for a while too before said yes in the end.

SN told them, “If both of you are human and eating rice, then why there must be a reason for you not to respect that man? He is just earning not as much money as your parents did. But we are all the same, we are human, God’s creation, born and being loved, born to love as well. We both eat the same rice, breath the same air and drink the same water, even praise the same God too. If you can respect me as your teacher who didn’t earn as much money as your parents did, why can’t you respect the cleaning service and or security?”

Innocent Kid

In a sunny Sunday, I’m so thankful that I got a chance to go to a zoo with some kids in an orphanage from a suburban area.

We are divided into some teams. There are 2 volunteers as part of the committee for a team consist of 5 kids. We explored the zoo together.

This zoo is special, not like common zoo. This zoo is specially created for endangered animals.

We walked through a glass cage which had 2 lions inside, male and female each. Randomly, one of the volunteer asked the kids, “Hello kids, can you guess which one of the lion are the male one and which one of them are the female one?”

Without hesitation, one of my team member, let’s call her CY, 7-year-old little girl answered, “That one is the female one, sis,” told her by pointing out a scary male lion with huge body fierce face and messy bushy hair.

Then I automatically asked her, “Why that one, sweety?”

Then she answered, “Because it has long hair, Sis.”

At that time I laughed and hugged her, then I started to stroke her hair. Her innocence is really cute and super effective to make me feel like I want to take her home.

A Girl with a Boy Name

“What’s your name?”

“Andika,” answered a long hair girl to me wearing a backpack during my walking tour. 

Get to know new people is interesting. 

“Is there any story why you are named Andika?  Is it because your parents want a baby boy?” asked me to her. 

“Hmm, don’t have any special reasons,  it is just named this way.”

“Okay. This is just unique. Glad to know you, Dika!”

“Oh, but here is a story. When I ordered Gojek (online ojek), I always feel tired of explaining to the driver that I’m a girl.  They would always misunderstand me. They thought I’m a boy.”

“Mas, where are you?” this had been their every time question.

One time I got tired of being misunderstood. So I changed my name in the application. I wrote Andina instead of Andika. Yeah,  it’s a total girl name. 
Praise the Lord!  After that, they didn’t misunderstand me as a boy anymore.

One day, when I saw an ojek came, I asked him to confirm whether he is the right ojek or not. So I told him my name, “Andika?”

Then he revised my name, “No mba,  Andina.”

Hahaha now he revised my name. Ok fine thank you next.”

Priest’s Daughter

My lovely daughter got back from her school, happily showed me her new plant. It was a 10-cm-small-flower pot filled with fertile soil.

“Daddy, daddy! See, I will have my own flower! I’m growing it. Yeayyy!” she looked so happy. I could tell only just listened to her voice. Her tone told me everything.

“Wow, what a nice experiment! Good luck sweety! I can’t wait to see it grow!

The next day, she watered her plant, steered the soil, looked after the seed, then started to think. She kept doing it everyday, wondering when this seed will grow.

So in the third day, I told her, “Darling, if you kept doing it, it won’t grow. Just let it be, just give your seed more time to grow.”

So my sweetheart just kept watering her flower-to-be. She got less excited day by day. Her excitement going down.

As her daddy and a common human being having less experience in a farming area, I got curious and exasperated day by day, wondering why this buried seed didn’t give any living signs.

So I checked on the internet about what I could do. It made me challenged. I did as it is instructed, did this and that, then waiting for another week and then months passed.

The seed didn’t grow, even just a bit.

Okay, it made me kind of speechless.

My daughter got disappointed, she expected it to grow in a month, but nothing has changed. Her disappointment led me to disappointment too. As her father, I felt like I had an opportunity to create her smile.

In the third month, I got an idea!

I went to a florist, bought a stalk of red rose, brought it home then put it exactly at the top of the seed!

When my daughter came back home, I could see her eyes glaring so big! She looked at the flower to the way her eyeballs almost falling down. She was happy, super happy. Then he called me, “Daddy daddy! See, see! It grows! Horaayyy!”

I laughed on it, happy to see her happy, “Congratulations, sweety!”

“But daddy, I think this is crazy. It is not like this yesterday, why is it growing this fast? It’s strange, isn’t it?

I smiled at her, “Ah, For the power of God, nothing is impossible, honey.”

kid with rose

Lesson to a Young Mother

Here is a lesson for every mother, happened to a mother who abandoned her daughter who sobbed because her fingers were pinched by a glass door of a restaurant.

Based on a true story in a metropolitan city.

My mother was having lunch in a restaurant when she was surprised by the sound of a crying girl. It was loud and pathetic. She looked around and noticed some meters from her table, a 4-year-old beautiful little girl was crying because of her fingers wedged between the glass doors.

Her mother walked in front of her just knew that terrible thing happened to her beloved daughter. She was walking in front of her daughter because they were in a hurry. Hearing that sound, this young mother quickly came to the glass door and did anything to release her daughter’s finger from the door.

Soon after the fingers not wedged anymore, she pulled her daughter’s hand. The injured fingers were on the left hand, so her mother pulled the right hand. That pity little daughter cried in a heavy way, to the point she couldn’t breathe properly. Her mother kept on walking fast and scolding on her daughter, like she didn’t care.

May be she told it was her daughter’s mistake? And she wanted to let her baby girl learned something from this accident? Well, I have no idea.

cryingb baby girl

My mother had noticed this from afar, felt sorry for this little girl but can do nothing except watching from afar.

As my mother noticed this incident, the crying sound got louder. Unexpectedly, this little girl let go of her mother’s grip. She ran quickly to my mother and hugged my mother, a totally random stranger, who was sitting at a random table in the restaurant.

Got hug by a crying kid, my mother was surprised. Automatically she tried her best to calm down this kid, “Oh, sweety, it’s hurt ya? Let me see it?”

My mother took her fingers and was surprised, it’s bleeding. Then she blew it a little bit and said, “Darling, it’s gonna be okay. You are going to be okay.”

Then my mom hugged her tightly. After that grabbing a bottle of eucalyptus oil which she always brought anywhere, put in her magic bag.

She poured it a little bit onto her palm, then rubbed it off to this kid’s finger. At the same time softly rubbed her hair too, saying everything’s gonna be fine.

Where was her biological mother at that time?

Watching her crying daughter fall onto the hug of a stranger and soothed by another stranger acted as a mother.

It might be the kids’ fingers that are injured, but I think it might be this young mother’s heart that was broken the most.

Soldier’s Daughter

I met a new friend when I was being a volunteer in a foundation. We are both teachers. “Hi, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” she spoke to me.

“So where do you come from?” asked me to her to start our conversation when we were having quite a bit afternoon lunch.

“Hmm… I’m Indonesian I think. I mean, I was born in Malang, but happily, I’ve moved to more than 10 cities these 20 years of my life. I can’t really say I’m Jakartans, or I’m from Malang, or from any cities. So, I’m Indonesian.”

Told GT, a 26- year -old daughter of a soldier. That simple question started everything.

“Ok, GT, why did you move so many times in your life?” asked me curiously but not intimidating.

“My father is a soldier. He got duties in so many different areas in Indonesia. So I have no choice except to follow him wherever he is asked to be in charge.”

“Wow cool! You must’ve been very expert in adapting. Where have you been living then?”

Then GT mentioned around 13 names of places which I didn’t remember. But I could easily notice it was from Sumatera to Papua. I’m amazed as well.

“Which place impressed you the most, beauty?”

She thought for around a second,”East Nusa Tenggara.” told her smiling. Her eyes could tell that she is so happy this question reminds her of a short beautiful memory of her life.

“East Nusa Tenggara? Why is it?”

“Well, it’s simple to live there, it’s not complicated. Nature in the East Nusa also beautiful. Hmm… at least 10 years ago. Clean sand, blue sea, deep sky, green grass, authentic sexy beauty of nature. I’m a bit disappointed it is more famous now, that people redesign it in a commercial way. It’s completely different now. I’m lucky to enjoy its beauty 10 years ago,” she smiled at me.

“I see. Such a precious experience and memory. Anyway, how does it feel to be the daughter of a soldier?”

“Nothing special I think, hahaha.”

“Nothing special? I think it’s cool? Like you’re dead is a superhero, saving the life of the human race.”

“Well, a superhero. Hmm. It is his job. How can you put the label ‘hero’ to the person who did their obligation? He has to. It’s his profession. But anyway thank you, I accept that word.” GT stopped for a few seconds before continuing, put her bangs in the right position.

a soldier in an isolated area

“When I was a kid, I don’t really think that my dad is cool, for me being a soldier is just an ordinary job. My daddy would go home and tell me that he was shooting a terrorist. And it’s just common for me. He even got used to it.”

“Wow. Hahaha… For me, it’s only unusual and super brave!” told me to GT laughing.

“I might meet a CEO every day or any potential clients every day. But nobody uses a gun and point it to cruel’s people head. That’s interesting. Even for me, if people ask me what kind of boyfriend or husband to have, I don’t want police, soldier, or any security officer, well you can name it, they won’t be in my list. I can’t let people whom I love sacrifice their life for the human race. Well, is it egoism? I don’t know, but I just can’t let it happen in my life, too scary.”

Then I asked GT another question, “Can you share me a little about what does your father do? What kind of mission does he need to accomplished?

“I’m not too sure too, but here is a little story of my childhood. One day he told me that he was just gotten back from Aceh, to an isolated area, somewhere in the middle of a forest. Riding a tank to quite a dangerous area to get food supplies for his team. At that time, there was GAM (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka) on the side of the forest, equipped with their gun, ready to shot anyone who passes their area. For your information, there are some holes in the tank to which soldier’s guns can be put to shot anyone outside the tank who tries to fight with us, who shot.

Or he has ever told me about his another mission too. He was asked to bring a bomb to an area because they need to make hole, so contractor would be able to construct their project.” I think that’s a little thing I know about his job. It’s something like that.

Then I answered GT with a pair of eyes full of shining stars, “I was amazed, dear. It was like something I usually watch in television by half screaming and closing my eyes with my palm. And the daughter of the actor is sitting next to me!”

Curious Boy

Have you ever gotten a threatening yet illogical chain message written something like this, “If you don’t send this message to 10 people, means you don’t love your mom, or you will be killed by midnight? I had ever, several times. I was afraid of it because I believed it’s true.

So did GAJ, a 9-year-old curious brave little boy.

“How was your first impression when you got that message, boy?” asked me to this curious kid.

“I was afraid. Very. But my curiosity beats my fear, it’s a lot bigger.”

“Really? So what did you do?” my automatic question when I heard his statement. Just a rhetorical question because I thought he is not so serious about his statement.

“So, the text written in my SMS is something like this. If you don’t send this out to at least for example 10 people, I forget the detail number. Tonight later, in the middle of dark and silent midnight, a ghost from the under of your bed will get out from its hiding and come to kill you when you’re sleeping.”

GAJ stopped for a while before continue, “This message is scary enough for me to make me don’t sleep. I’m totally afraid of it. But at the same time, I want to know whether this is true or wrong. So I don’t send the message to 10 people. I let the message stop on me. And so I don’t sleep until midnight.

boy with stick

I bring a long wood stick to my room, then put it just right after my pillow. I was guarding that night, until midnight, try my best not to fall asleep because I did believe the ghost will appear.”

“Hahaha…, you are so funny, boy!” told me to him laughing. “Okay, so what happened then?”

“It’s finally midnight, 00.00am. Everyone in my home has slept, I’m the only one stay awake, waiting for ghost, hahaha. 1 minutes passed, it’s 00.01 already but there is no sign of any ghosts. So I come down from my bed, tightly grasping the wood stick, and with a super fast speed of heart, I looked down to the down side of my bed, checking if there is something moving down dark there.”

“I hold my breath, so deep. It’s all dark. And thanks God nothing is moving down there. So I come up again, still holding my wood stick preventing if the ghost come late. I waited for around 30 minutes after then, with a jumping heart full of uncertainty.”

“And bless the Lord, it’s 00.30 and the ghost didn’t come up. So I conclude that the content of the chain message is all hoax! I throw my stick away, pull up my blanket and sleep peacefully.

Some days after that, another friend of mine send me something-like-that-threatening chain message, so I smiled, then click an icon of a trash can, bye-bye hoax! Told me to myself, then lock my phone, with full of proud.