Stay-At-Home Citizen

It’s March and a viral virus named Corona just entered Indonesia. Known as a virus which rapidly spreads, public health professionals requires the citizen to do social distancing, our movement need to be limited in order to flatten the curve of this virus deployment.

As an obedient citizen, yet a full-of-awareness human being, I obey the government’s recommendation, stay at home for at least 2 weeks.

For a super extrovert human being like me, I finally able to feel how a panda and or a bird actually feel when they are in a cage all day long, how a fish swimming here and there in an aquarium. I finally understand too how Rapunzel felt in a movie.

So everyday in a morning, I open my curtain, feel the sun light, see swimming pool and trees and table and chair and bird and high buildings outside my apartment, no one is there. It just stuffs.

And I just realized that it is super relate-able with the lyrics of “See the Light” Song in Disney Edition of Tangled movie. I truly appreciate every single words of the lyrics.

All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I've been

And so on.

So there comes a day I open youtube and dance and do the workout, open instagram and do yoga, open podcast and hear a financial education session, grab a drawing book and a brush and start to paint, click on my Whatsapp and dial a video call to my friends and family, download a game in my playstore and do online battle with my friends, open Smule and do virtual jamming with my peeps, then I realize I started doing the things I used to play when I was in senior high school. And it is not difficult to admit that…

This is fun.

This is more than fun!

Actually I was planning to take some days off for the sake of job changing, planning to save the date to travel abroad or any other places I wished I have gone. Bu the disease made me have to cancel the trip.

It’s good.

While the offices, mall, and so on limit, postpone, or even stop their operational, people are warned to stay at home, mobilization is limited, no air pollution, the earth is resting!

There is beauty in everything, it depends on by which point of view we want to see it. And at the end it is like our mother earth wants to say, “Hi human, I’m okay without you living inside me and destroy me day by day with your air pollution and daily rubbish.”

Teacher – Educator

There are 2 kinds of teacher in this world. The first one is a teacher only. The second one is a teacher as well as an educator. I love to be the second-type one. A friend of mine is.

He was a teacher in a school of character, let’s call him SN. The first period of the teaching for him was not easy. The school had a high standard. One of them is in the aspect of politeness.

All the teachers would be asked to respect the security guard and cleaning service. Saying god morning with a warm and lovely tone, followed by a welcoming gesture. This has to be a habit for all the teachers. Well for some teachers, this is not easy.

If there is a teacher who wasn’t wiling to do so, the Principal will call this teacher and rebuke him. This has to be a habit embedded in the teachers.

Long story short, someday, a student of SN asked SN, “Sir, why do I have to respect them? They are filthy. I don’t want to. Their cloth and skin is always full of sweat and or any other dirt.

Then SN asked the kid, “Hi kid, do you think they are a human?”

Then the kid nodded.


“Okay good, are you human too?”

The kid nodded again.

“Okay, smart kid. What do you eat?”

The kid thought for a while before he finally answered, “Rice most of the time, Sir.”

“Okay, then do you think they eat rice too?”

The kid thought for a while too before said yes in the end.

SN told them, “If both of you are human and eating rice, then why there must be a reason for you not to respect that man? He is just earning not as much money as your parents did. But we are all the same, we are human, God’s creation, born and being loved, born to love as well. We both eat the same rice, breath the same air and drink the same water, even praise the same God too. If you can respect me as your teacher who didn’t earn as much money as your parents did, why can’t you respect the cleaning service and or security?”