Non Gift Man

Do you know that there are 5 kinds of love language?

One of them is gift, either giving one or receiving one.

If your friend’s number one list of love language is giving/accepting gift, they will feel being super loved if they got a gift.

Unfortunately, my love language is not giving/accepting gift. It’s in number 5. So I will feel not so loved by others if I got one.

These several years, I’ve been struggling with this thing. When someone I love is having birthday or any other celebration, I will come to them, knock their shoulder and directly ask them,  “Hi friend, what gift do you want for this christmas?”

The more detail their answer is, the happier I am. Unfortunately, most of the people whom I ask will say, “Nope, I won’t tell you. It should come from the bottom of your heart, you are my friend, you have definitely known me. Try to find out!”

Well, hearing this makes me feel not good, one kind of a broken feeling.

It applies vice versa.

Anytime someone wants to give me a gift, I will definitely be happy if that person can ask me in person. I will tell them in detail. By doing so, it is sure I will like the gift.

And you know what? All this time I thought I’m the only person in this world stuggling to this kind of thing. But tonight, I find some people with this kind of war too.

So whoever you are, a non-gift-man, please know that you are not alone!

And to whoever reading this whose friend is a non-gift-man, please help them! Your clue means A LOT.

Author: Rena

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