Non Gift Man

Do you know that there are 5 kinds of love language?

One of them is gift, either giving one or receiving one.

If your friend’s number one list of love language is giving/accepting gift, they will feel being super loved if they got a gift.

Unfortunately, my love language is not giving/accepting gift. It’s in number 5. So I will feel not so loved by others if I got one.

These several years, I’ve been struggling with this thing. When someone I love is having birthday or any other celebration, I will come to them, knock their shoulder and directly ask them,  “Hi friend, what gift do you want for this christmas?”

The more detail their answer is, the happier I am. Unfortunately, most of the people whom I ask will say, “Nope, I won’t tell you. It should come from the bottom of your heart, you are my friend, you have definitely known me. Try to find out!”

Well, hearing this makes me feel not good, one kind of a broken feeling.

It applies vice versa.

Anytime someone wants to give me a gift, I will definitely be happy if that person can ask me in person. I will tell them in detail. By doing so, it is sure I will like the gift.

And you know what? All this time I thought I’m the only person in this world stuggling to this kind of thing. But tonight, I find some people with this kind of war too.

So whoever you are, a non-gift-man, please know that you are not alone!

And to whoever reading this whose friend is a non-gift-man, please help them! Your clue means A LOT.

Innocent Kid

In a sunny Sunday, I’m so thankful that I got a chance to go to a zoo with some kids in an orphanage from a suburban area.

We are divided into some teams. There are 2 volunteers as part of the committee for a team consist of 5 kids. We explored the zoo together.

This zoo is special, not like common zoo. This zoo is specially created for endangered animals.

We walked through a glass cage which had 2 lions inside, male and female each. Randomly, one of the volunteer asked the kids, “Hello kids, can you guess which one of the lion are the male one and which one of them are the female one?”

Without hesitation, one of my team member, let’s call her CY, 7-year-old little girl answered, “That one is the female one, sis,” told her by pointing out a scary male lion with huge body fierce face and messy bushy hair.

Then I automatically asked her, “Why that one, sweety?”

Then she answered, “Because it has long hair, Sis.”

At that time I laughed and hugged her, then I started to stroke her hair. Her innocence is really cute and super effective to make me feel like I want to take her home.

Weekend Worker

Is there anyone in this world who want to work during weekend?

I don’t think so, me either.

It’s been pretty difficult and challenging for me to choose my new job as an MT in a restaurant, necessitates me to work during weekend.

I asked several people’s opinions until I finally settled my mind. Considering here and there, I finally chose my new job, with all the consequences, having to work during the weekend and having a day off during weekday. Plus, I need to work for 9 hours and having 2 hours of break. In amount, I will need at least 11 hour in the office.

Here is an opinion of SV, a woman, a director of a high-class hotel.

“I’ve ever worked during weekend for 2 years. Well, it’s not as bad as what people think. Out of 7 days in a week, I only have one day off during the weekday. I love that. I can go to bank in Wednesday. There is no many people in cinemas and or KTV, ticket prices are cheaper. Not as bad as what people think. I got new friends in service industry.”

Different opinions from AL, a man, a phone technician in a mall.

“I used to be full 7 days in a week. Working non stop. I got 2 days off in a month, in weekday. Difficult? Sure, yes. But I was working in a mall, so I always find time to look stores around, washing my eyes a little bit, sometimes relax for some minutes. And unexpectedly met my friends in the mall, talking for a while then continue working. Days during weekend passed so fast! Like I was busy fixing here and there, serve here and there, and suddenly it’s get off time, packing and going back home.”

Well, SL and AL are only a few people’s opinion whom I ask about working during weekend. Some said, “Get ready to lose your social life, my friend.”

This made me broke a little bit. The more I hear people said this, the more broken I became. But the more I asked people like AL and SL, the nicer I felt.

Everyone has different opinions and I can not compare it. I have to feel it by myself and I will see. But one thing I’m sure of is, as long as I love the work, I will be fine. As long as I can find way to enjoy it, I will be fine. Everything is gonna be okay.

Bunk Bed Sleeper

It is just a week. I started to love my bunk bed and my new room mate and almost everything. But now I have to leave. Okay fine. 

Sleeping at the bottom side of this bed is nice. It is dimly lit. It produces warm feeling, that kind of you-are-save-and-you-are-protected kind of feeling. Hahaha

I still remember how in a sunny morning I got a dream. There was a baby crawling to a fire alarm and innocently push the button although there is no even a slight of fire. 

Soon I heard the sound of a fire alarm. 

sleeping lady

Then I woke up. My bed was shaking. I realize that my room mate was moving, probably trying to get down from the bunk bed.

I thought she was trying to escape. So I told her, “Chill baby, there is no fire.”

I was about to tell her it is just a sound of a ringing alarm fire pressed by a baby, till I suddenly realize it was actually her morning-wake-up-alarm. 

How smart I am.

Make Up Lady

“We ladies do make up not to impress a man. We make up to impress ladies too. Because if we do it to impress man, we won’t do make up. We will be naked.”

Story of YP,  25-year-old cheerful expressive lady.

“Do you think man are going to notice when you put on your fake eyebrow?  When you cut your hair?

No. They won’t. They won’t care whether you are wearing blouse, pajama, shirt or gown, put your make up on or not. They wouldn’t notice it.

But as for a lady, seeing her friends having their bangs cut a slight of millimeter, putting new tiny earrings, ladies will know. They have this kind of magic eyes to realize this kind of little changes.

But someday a man come to me and realize that I was different.

That day I was following a famous beauty blogger on how to put blush on on my cheeks. She taught me to put it bravely, with full of confident.

That’s how I did. Blushing all the pink powder onto my cute face. Then I went to office.

“YP,  hi morning!”

“Morning, bro.”

Then he looked at me seriously. He asked me in a worry emotion, “YP, what happen to you?  Are you okay? Are you good? Why your face is so red?”

make up lady

Well I was super okay and healthy and fine before he asked me that question. But hearing his question, that he even don’t realize that my red blush is because of my make up made me kinda feel sad and disappointed and bad and not okay.

But anyway, yeah starting from that day I didn’t use blush on that thickly. Cursing a little bit the beauty blogger.

And another story, this time not for blush on. This time is highlighter story.  I heard them (read; beauty blogger) tell me that highlighter made my face looked glowing.

So I used it to office.

You know what?  A man friend of mine come to me with an expressive face asking, “Hi girl,  where were you been?”

“Just arrivved,” told me smiling.

“I see… That’s why you look so sweaty. “



My highlighter which I bought in quite a pricey price by a review from a famous beauty blogger which I thought will bring kind of happiness and proud and beauty, punch my inner heart.

That product which I thought would make my face glowing and shining is truly makes it glowing in a way a man see it was sweaty.

I was mad I thought.

I went to toilet and cried and I never used either that highlighter or blush on anymore. Et al.”