Smoking Lawyer

“If you are not my friend, I won’t tell you to stop smoking. Bro, I hate that smell. I dislike your body scent, your cigarette, but I like you personally,” told me to a friend of mine, AS, 25-year-old, a male smoking lawyer.

“When was the first time you start smoking?” a basic typical question I asked to start a chit-chat.

“Some years ago, when I was finishing my thesis.”

“How was it? Are you stressed out? Is last semester of college giving you such a big pressure of life?”

“Hmm… Not that difficult. It’s’ just I’m staying with my friends who are smoker. I tried a bit and I just keep doing it until today.”

“So, you are addicted to it?” judged me to him.

“Well, I’m not addicted. I just get used to it.”

“You are not addicted. You are just get used to of it,” told me re-saying his words, stating but at the same time asking.

a smoking man

“How could it be? What’s the difference?”

“Addictive is something like… If I don’t smoke, I will be dizzy, I will be sick f cigarette, miss it like a lot, I really need to smoke and feel the white smoke blowing through my nasal cavity. But getting used to of it means, I only get used to of sucking it. When for example I don’t have enough money and or time to smoke, I won’t be dizzy or feel any kind of sickness.”

I nodded but still continue to asked, “Okay then, why do you still smoking? Why don’t you change it to something else?”

“Change to what?” he automaticlly reply me without even thinking.

“Candy maybe,” then I saw him in silence.

Then we both laugh. “Hi deer, not dear, how can it be substituted by candy? It doesn’t have any smoke sis. It can’t be changed. Besides, I need it to and or build relationship, either with my Clients, another lawyers, judge, police officer, or any other kind of networking. It is the only time everyone can sit and enjoy relaxing time.”

Then as I write this article, I realize that, for AS and may be any other smoker who do smoking because of the above reason, smoking might be their unique way of having a new/good networking.

But for me and probably another non-smoker person, our ‘smoking’ is running, reading, dancing, writing, listening to music and any other similiar cheerful things!

Full Time Lecturer

“If you don’t love to teach, never be a lecturer.”

HD, a full time lecturer

A message from HD, 29 year-old helpful friendly yet a handsome lecturer.

“Hi HD, as a full time lecturer, I find it quite difficult to arrange a time to meet you. Are you that busy?” asked me to him in an Indonesian Restaurant at Jakarta.

“Hahaha, really? I know I’m busy, but not that busy. Still, we make time to meet. But anyway, it’s not easy to be a lecturer in Indonesia.”

“Not easy? Why?”

“So many target and duties to be accomplished. I don’t have much time to relax. My schedule is quite tight.”

“How busy is it, Mr. Lecturer?” I teased him a bit.

“Mr. Lecturer? How dare you call me that old! Haha. Anyway, have you ever heard about Tri Dharma? My life as a full time lecturer is around this circle. Tri Dharma.”

“I think I’ve ever heard it, but I forget things easily. hahaha Would you mind to share it, Sir? Uhm Bro I mean.”

“Tri Dharma, as it is called, is based on 3 principals: education, research, and community dedication. I and dozens of full time lecturer out there have to do Tri Dharma as an obligation. There is also minimum hour we have to fulfill. Teaching itself and checking students’ answer have consumed a lot of our time, let alone research and community dedication. There are points for that activity. That’s why I tell you, if you don’t love to teach, never be a teacher. Or you’ll be stressful.”

“Aha! I see, such a challenging career. Then, why do you say you love teaching? What makes you fall into it?”

HD doesn’t need to really think about it, “I just love to see those eyes saying ‘I don’t understand’ kind of stare is changed to be ‘This is super interesting’ kind of stare.”

That’s the moment I feel like a Superman, Spiderman, Antman, whatever it is you name it. That’s the moment I feel more human, I feel I’m being myself. I love this kind of feeling.

A lecturer is teaching

It keeps me waking up everyday, setting my morning alarm earlier to prepare my brain, following up to myself about how I wanted to start the class, made me stay late at night, checking my students answers’ and even preparing my national thesis. Gone from one city to another city, do the national presentation and met other lecturers from different universities, striving to attain higher degree, doing social project during weekends, and many more.

Dude, you need to love teaching enough to make you are able to sacrifice those time and effort.”

A Girl with a Boy Name

“What’s your name?”

“Andika,” answered a long hair girl to me wearing a backpack during my walking tour. 

Get to know new people is interesting. 

“Is there any story why you are named Andika?  Is it because your parents want a baby boy?” asked me to her. 

“Hmm, don’t have any special reasons,  it is just named this way.”

“Okay. This is just unique. Glad to know you, Dika!”

“Oh, but here is a story. When I ordered Gojek (online ojek), I always feel tired of explaining to the driver that I’m a girl.  They would always misunderstand me. They thought I’m a boy.”

“Mas, where are you?” this had been their every time question.

One time I got tired of being misunderstood. So I changed my name in the application. I wrote Andina instead of Andika. Yeah,  it’s a total girl name. 
Praise the Lord!  After that, they didn’t misunderstand me as a boy anymore.

One day, when I saw an ojek came, I asked him to confirm whether he is the right ojek or not. So I told him my name, “Andika?”

Then he revised my name, “No mba,  Andina.”

Hahaha now he revised my name. Ok fine thank you next.”

Priest’s Daughter

My lovely daughter got back from her school, happily showed me her new plant. It was a 10-cm-small-flower pot filled with fertile soil.

“Daddy, daddy! See, I will have my own flower! I’m growing it. Yeayyy!” she looked so happy. I could tell only just listened to her voice. Her tone told me everything.

“Wow, what a nice experiment! Good luck sweety! I can’t wait to see it grow!

The next day, she watered her plant, steered the soil, looked after the seed, then started to think. She kept doing it everyday, wondering when this seed will grow.

So in the third day, I told her, “Darling, if you kept doing it, it won’t grow. Just let it be, just give your seed more time to grow.”

So my sweetheart just kept watering her flower-to-be. She got less excited day by day. Her excitement going down.

As her daddy and a common human being having less experience in a farming area, I got curious and exasperated day by day, wondering why this buried seed didn’t give any living signs.

So I checked on the internet about what I could do. It made me challenged. I did as it is instructed, did this and that, then waiting for another week and then months passed.

The seed didn’t grow, even just a bit.

Okay, it made me kind of speechless.

My daughter got disappointed, she expected it to grow in a month, but nothing has changed. Her disappointment led me to disappointment too. As her father, I felt like I had an opportunity to create her smile.

In the third month, I got an idea!

I went to a florist, bought a stalk of red rose, brought it home then put it exactly at the top of the seed!

When my daughter came back home, I could see her eyes glaring so big! She looked at the flower to the way her eyeballs almost falling down. She was happy, super happy. Then he called me, “Daddy daddy! See, see! It grows! Horaayyy!”

I laughed on it, happy to see her happy, “Congratulations, sweety!”

“But daddy, I think this is crazy. It is not like this yesterday, why is it growing this fast? It’s strange, isn’t it?

I smiled at her, “Ah, For the power of God, nothing is impossible, honey.”

kid with rose