Grieving Student

I dedicate this post special to my junior and high school teacher, FR who just passed away on 11 November 2019, in his thirteenth day after he got baptism, a cancer fighter as well.

It was around 5 pm when I opened a group-chat with my high school friends. Not like usual, the group was so active, full of messages. I scrolled it up and read such unexpected news.

“Dear friends, our teacher, FR passed away at 2 pm today. Let’s pray he will rest in peace.”

I can not really explain how I feel, but I know this is a sad feeling. It feels like I’m not losing only a teacher, I’m losing a friend, an idol, an advisor.

I might have graduated from high school, even university and had spent years without talking to him. But knowing he was still alive just make me feel okay. And reading the news that one of my best teachers passed away made me broke into pieces.

Some months ago this year, I got a shared link from , a fundraising platform. Reading the name, I was surprised because I read that my teacher’s name is in the need of help. Soon I clicked it and my curiosity was confirmed once I look at the picture.

It was his picture. It was his body. It was his face.

And I was kind of speechless. I remembered clearly in my mind how he taught me and my friends years back then around 10 years ago. He was standing in front of the class, holding a black marker on his right hand, mathematics or physics or chemistry book on the other hand. Sometimes joking while teaching, and when we students laughed and opened our mouth, that’s the moment he threw us pills of lessons and wisdom.

He was a smart teacher. No. He is a smart teacher.

If it was not because of his help, I’m not sure whether I could love math, physics, and or chemistry. He could simplify the questions and guide me to do it in an easy, fast, correct way.

He was tall and healthy. His hair will be arranged neatly, sometimes with hair oil sometimes without. But one thing that I’m sure is that he would always keep his typical curly little beard under his small chin. It kept hanging. Even if he cut it off, he would keep a little part of it hanging.

Now that he has been up there with Father in Heaven, I wanted to memorize him in a happy way.

First, he will always be my teacher. Second, it’s funny how he pulled his beard and touched his belly while teaching. This will always be his thing.

Although he is not living anymore, my memory about him will always exist.

It will always be there.

Glasses Buyer

“Whatever you do, do it with love.”

Here I present, the story of KG, a returned student from Aussie, a glasses wearer as well.

“One of the most challenging things for me to do is to buy glasses. Usually, my mom will help me to buy it. But not┬áthat day, when I was alone at Aussie, finishing my bachelor’s degree, a thousand miles away from my lovely family.

┬áBecause of my carelessness, I broke it. I couldn’t really see and study at that time. I had to buy new glasses. I looked at my broken glasses’ guarantee book. Aah, the guarantee just expired exactly 4 days ago. I will need to buy new glasses.

As a university student, I didn’t really have enough money. At the same time, I was too shy to ask for money from my parents. But anyway, I just go to a glasses shop. Since I was lack of experience in choosing glasses, I told the seller to give me the exact model with my broken glasses.

Then he asked me, “May I see your guarantee book?”

I showed it to him, “Here it is. It can’t be used anymore. I will need to buy a new one.”

He saw it for a while, nodding a little bit, “Just 4 days ago.”

Then he looked at me. He was silent for a while, “Please wait.”

Some minutes after that, he came out, brought the exact same glasses like my broken brown glasses. Then hand it on to me.

“How much is it?” asked me to him.

“No, no. You don’t need to pay for me. It’s for you. A gift from me to you.”

“But, why?” asked me surprised.

“Merry Christmas!” smiled him to me.

man with glasses

I was contented, got an early Christmas gift from a stranger I just knew. I was wondering whether he knew I didn’t have enough money or what, but anyway I was super grateful.

Since then, anytime a friend or a family member asked me for a recommended place to buy glasses, I would definitely recommend that shop.

Then some years just passed after that. I move to a place a little bit far from that city. There came another day in which I needed to buy new glasses.

It was running when I was looking for the glasses in an area full of glasses shops. I accidentally get into a shop, stepped my fit in just to protect my body from the raindrops.

There were some people inside the shop, looking for glasses. Among all of the customers, my appearance was the most terrible one. How come? They were all wearing a high-class suit luxury jewelry.

I was wearing … Well I don’t reminder but I was wet of the raindrops, smell bad as well. That kind of smell of wet plus rain plus asphalt and many more. I was not so confident, I walked around the desks, looking for suitable glasses but couldn’t really find one.

Noticed my confusedness, an employee automatically walked towards me. Yeah may be based on his experience, my face could tell everything. So he started to pick up some glasses that he thought will suit my face.

Just some minutes after that, he called me to sit. Gave me 5 options of glasses, then asked me how much my budget was.

After I told him, we could get rid of 3 glasses of those 5 glasses. Then he asked me to choose between 2 glasses. I tried and I fell in love with one of them.

But I was amazed and impressed about how he could help me to choose the glasses. So I asked him, “Hey bro, how do you do it? That fast?”

He smiled warmly, “I see your type of face first. I see whether your face shape is oval, round, square, and so on.”

Then he explained to me, “This type of face is good to wear this A kind of glasses, never wear B type.” And so on and so on.

Then he even taught me, “See the handle, there is a number here. This is your size, never buy the other in another size. Either it’s gonna be too big or too small.”

Such a lesson learned told me to my self.

I wonder how on this earth that buying glasses has this kind of theory. Or knowledge. Or whatever it is, I can say this a concept. I got brief training about how to buy glasses, a very important lesson to be implemented.

Ever since, even I get back to Indonesia, I will go back to Aussie to buy the glasses. The experiences I had there impressed me a lot. That is why I never buy glasses in Indonesia, dear Indonesia’s glasses seller!

Lesson to a Young Mother

Here is a lesson for every mother, happened to a mother who abandoned her daughter who sobbed because her fingers were pinched by a glass door of a restaurant.

Based on a true story in a metropolitan city.

My mother was having lunch in a restaurant when she was surprised by the sound of a crying girl. It was loud and pathetic. She looked around and noticed some meters from her table, a 4-year-old beautiful little girl was crying because of her fingers wedged between the glass doors.

Her mother walked in front of her just knew that terrible thing happened to her beloved daughter. She was walking in front of her daughter because they were in a hurry. Hearing that sound, this young mother quickly came to the glass door and did anything to release her daughter’s finger from the door.

Soon after the fingers not wedged anymore, she pulled her daughter’s hand. The injured fingers were on the left hand, so her mother pulled the right hand. That pity little daughter cried in a heavy way, to the point she couldn’t breathe properly. Her mother kept on walking fast and scolding on her daughter, like she didn’t care.

May be she told it was her daughter’s mistake? And she wanted to let her baby girl learned something from this accident? Well, I have no idea.

cryingb baby girl

My mother had noticed this from afar, felt sorry for this little girl but can do nothing except watching from afar.

As my mother noticed this incident, the crying sound got louder. Unexpectedly, this little girl let go of her mother’s grip. She ran quickly to my mother and hugged my mother, a totally random stranger, who was sitting at a random table in the restaurant.

Got hug by a crying kid, my mother was surprised. Automatically she tried her best to calm down this kid, “Oh, sweety, it’s hurt ya? Let me see it?”

My mother took her fingers and was surprised, it’s bleeding. Then she blew it a little bit and said, “Darling, it’s gonna be okay. You are going to be okay.”

Then my mom hugged her tightly. After that grabbing a bottle of eucalyptus oil which she always brought anywhere, put in her magic bag.

She poured it a little bit onto her palm, then rubbed it off to this kid’s finger. At the same time softly rubbed her hair too, saying everything’s gonna be fine.

Where was her biological mother at that time?

Watching her crying daughter fall onto the hug of a stranger and soothed by another stranger acted as a mother.

It might be the kids’ fingers that are injured, but I think it might be this young mother’s heart that was broken the most.

Tumor Patient

“How do you feel when you know you have tumor in the middle of your head and the only way to analyze it is to open your head?

A question asked by a pastor to himself as a tumor patient.

He is the one wake up every Sunday morning, go to church, asking people to have faith in God, asking them not to be worry because God is always be with us, lifting up the life cross together. It is might be not so difficult to be said, but way super challenging to be implemented to real life, especially when we people are facing a big problem.

Here I present, story of JB, a 50-year-old cheerful pastor, a tumor fighter as well.

Realizing he was not young anymore, JB decided to have a medical check up, one package with body x-ray. Some days after the medical check up, the result went out. It’s good, it’s very good. The doctor said 95% of the result was good. The doctor only told him some light suggestions such as, “Eat more vegetables, drink more water, don’t eat too much of …” You could name it, from fat to cholesterol, sugar to anything that is not good to be consumed in a big amount.

When it came to the page of head analysis report, the doctor stopped for a while and said, “There is something in the middle of your head. It’s not part of your body organ. It’s something solid,” then the doctor showed the picture to JB.

JB slightly tilted his head,”What is it, Doc?”

“It’s probably a tumor. But I’m not so sure about it. You can find a neurologist to know more detail about the tumor in your head” told him to me without feeling any bad.

JB felt super down, getting curious about what’s actually inside his head, strategically stayed in the middle of his important head. Long story short he took an action to go to a neurologist.

There are only 2 ways to treat the tumor inside of your head,” told the neurologist to JB.

“First, just let it be. You don’t feel any pain right? Just let it be, don’t do anything. If someday you feel bad about it, you can come here again and we will discuss about your treatment.”

“Oh my God, how can a doctor tell that to me as of nothing bad is happening? I’m having a tumor and he told in in a super relax way. Like he doesn’t care. Or he does? Oh, I can’t understand,” told JB to himself.

“The second choice you might have is, to have an operation,” told the Doctor.

“Operation? How is it?”

“Yeah an operation, we will open your head and see the tumor directly. That’s the only way for us to know how the tumor is and what we should do.”

tumor fighter

The neurologist told it to me in a you-will-be-fine-nothing-big-will-be-happening way. It’s like my head will be drilled by a machine, complete with its moving high-speed metal and he told me as if my mom asked me to open up an oven to take her baked bread. But this is my head and they will open it, tear it up with a machine.”

“Ok, so what are the consequences?” asked JB to the doctor, directly to the main point.

“Well, you wanna know in a small or extreme level?”

Due to my curiosity, “Both.”

“In an extreme way, you might be blind and paralyzed,” I was way too shock, regretting my decision to know more about it.

Then JB got back home, was hopeless and didn’t really know what to do next. He prayed, consult to his wife and anyone he thought he could have a good talk to.

A good fortune that his brother is a neurologist. JB needed to find more points of view about his tumor. So he asked his neurologist too.

Guess what was the result of his brother? The same. It looked like all the neurologist working in the same purpose to make JB felt insecurity. JB had to believe that there was no other way to understand the tumor inside his head, except by opening it up.

It took him time to have faith to do the head operation. For months he was struggling with this issue. Maybe this tumor kept him insomnia? Some thing 2 cm was staying inside of his head and he had no idea whether it was dangerous or not. And he need to open his head in order to know the answer, sooner or later.

Yes, so he did. He had to. Told JB to himself. The words of his preaching finally had to be done by himself.

So yeah, JB had it. gather all his courage to determine the schedule date and prepare his body for the operation, with all the support from his beloved people.

All I remember about his story is how a big round of applause fill in the church when he showed us the photo of his head, still with some inches of stitches, fresh from the oven! And he is not either blind or get paralyzed. He is fully recovered and was smiling in a big wide way, letting me and thousand other people understand how God’s authority work in his life.