Amateur Lover

Disclaimer: If you are below 21st, I suggest you skip this article. The writer doesn’t take any responsibility for misleading thoughts.

“How do you think of sex before marriage?” asked one of my male friends to me.

“Well, I don’t really agree on it, I think it’s gonna be painful. You know, they said the first one is the most hurtful one,” told me to him.

“Yes, it does hurtful at first. But it feels good after that. More than just good, it’s something addictive.”

“Hahaha” I laugh a bit. “This is not my first time listening to this. “Some of my friends told me so too. And I believe you guys don’t lie. But I just don’t want to do it before I got married. Not only because I want to postpone the pain, but also it’s just too precious to be given to someone who isn’t my future partner of life. For me, virginity is one and only and had to be given to the right person. Only once.”

“Well I respect that.” my friend nods.

“So how is it? Your first experience? Is it with your wife?” ask me to ZZ, a 33-year-old wise mature open-minded man, a close friend of mine.
“Of course,” told him.

“Of course not! Hahaha,” then he continued laughing.

“My first time making love wasn’t with my current wife, it’s with my first love when I was attending university. And it’s way too embarrassing to be told.”

“Embarrassing? Why?” asked me to him.

“Because my penis didn’t get any larger. It keeps on its small size. And it makes me feel so insecure to do my next sex experiences.

“Hmm how can? Are you nervous?”

He thinks for a while before answering,”Yeah I think so. But I think the main reason isn’t it. It’s because… Hmm let me tell you the complete story.”

ZZ took not a so long breath before he continued, “We went to have dinner, we had fried chicken with super spicy sauce. My beautiful and sexy first love eat it, will all the chili.

Long story short, we arrive at her room. She did the blow job to me. Putting my penis inside her spicy mouth.

Damn mannn! my pitiful dick. Hahaha!” told my friend.

It can’t stand. Damn! It couldn’t get any bigger. It’s super spicy super. It’s like putting sauce right in the top of my … I’m speechless.

No matter how sexy and beautiful she is, if all in her mouth is chili, I’m done.”

Lesson learnt. Dear girls if you ever wanted to do blowjob after eating something, please bear in mind to brush your teeth first!

Blind Programmer

“Hey, have you ever wonder how a blind man uses a computer or a smartphone?”

This question is smart and caring enough to make me stop while teaching my student about the foreign language of the computer and its part.

I think for a while and stay silent, couldn’t really come up with an answer yet.

“They don’t need a mouse to operate a computer. All they need is a keyboard.” told my IT student.

I nod for a while, thinking that they will need to memorize some shortcuts on the computer. “Ok, cool. Then how about operating smartphone?” asked me to him.

“Well, you will know how after you hear this story,” explained him.

That’s how this story is started. Here is a story about YA, a 30-year-old blind yet super talented programmer.

blind man

“It was my very first time seeing a blind programmer, doing coding, live. He couldn’t see anything, but it doesn’t make him stop coding. He is even unable to see all the QWERTY, the screen. He couldn’t see everything, but he can run a program. With his agile finger and a very well-trained brain, he can do it. He inspired me a lot, like veryyyy much.”

As an IT of a big bank, my friend needs to develop an application which can be used by disability people. That’s how my friend got a chance to join a seminar in which YA be the main speaker. YA was sharing his perspective on how can an application be useful for blind people.

In conducting a useful application for blind people, the involvement of voice is very important. An application can be so useful and applicable for blind people if it can talk. So the application can communicate by speaking, the user just needs to put their earphone on to hear the command of the application. For example: swipe left to turn on the application, double-tap to lock the screen, etc.

And it turns out, the way people name the application is way too sensitive for disability people. Instead of using the name “exclusive application for blind people”, they’d love to hear it is named “inclusive application”.

What differs?

When we are talking about exclusive, it means there are 2 applications made. One is for normal people, who are not blind. The second application is specially made for blind people. This type of application made them feel less respected like people are too distinguishing them.

Inclusive application sounds a lot greater. This mean, only one application is made. The difference is, this application can be operated by both normal people and people with limited abilities. This one is more beautiful, blind people feel respected!

Now after I hear the story of AY, a blind-programmer, I look back to myself and reflect, “how can I be useful for society with all this gift given by God? I got all 2 eyes and a super healthy body, I must be someone super great!”


“Have you ever falling in love with the person you can’t have?”

Story of MN, a 23-year-old woman, having a 9 years relationship with her current boyfriend. 

“You know what? I’ve ever cheated my boyfriend,” told her to me when we were having dinner. 

cheating women

“Oh really?” asked me half laughing but still with common tone. 

I’m not so surprised as MN is beautiful and talkative. Let alone man, I myself find she is so exciting, I can talk about aaaanything to her.

“So, how is it?” I asked her to continue. “How is everything started?”

“He is a friend of my girl friend. We met at my girl friend’s dormitory, then go to a club together. He took care of me, keep me safe. That night I drink alcohol, wearing sexy cloth. He put his eyes on me to make sure there are no guys touch my body, he covers my body with his jacket. I feel safe and being protected. That’s our first meeting. 

On the next day, I just realize and feel bad about it. So I text him to say thank you and sorry. That’s how everything started. We found it comfortable to talk one to another. So we start making appointments. We set it with our friends first. We had dinner together with some of our friends, sometimes go to a cafe, sometimes doing sport together, etc. Then sooner or later, two of us dating. I really enjoy our first date! So did he. It becomes addictive that we often meet one another. Our feeling just grows day by day.

He was way to sweet! In a crowded yet bad traffic city like Jakarta, he made his effort to come to have dinner with me. That time I was having quarantine at West Jakarta, around 25 km from his home. So he rides his car and breaking up the traffic jam and super polluted air of Jakarta just to have dinner with me!  

It’s not the only time. He also ever had to come late to his appointment to help me out in the middle of the night. It’s around midnight and I just remember that I don’t have shampoo and soap for a quarantine on the next morning. So I called him and ask where he is. He is just way so close to the highway, but he U-turns to get back to my dormitory and pick me up to a 24-hour minimarket just to help me choose the shampoo and soap which I need. That’s how he sacrifice, such a tremendous effort.”

I can’t stop smiling listening to MN’s story. It’s touching. “So, do you guys last long?”

“Not really. We don’t start it good. So it isn’t ended in a good way as well. What I like about our relationship is, we had fun, a lot. I enjoyed that every moment. There is no hard feeling. We don’t have the right to get jealous one to another, because we don’t belong to each other. That’s why we almost have never argued. Sad happy tragic. 

If I may conclude this relationship as a proverb, I would like to say. Cheating on our couple is like rafting on a river. It is so funny and exciting, coming up and down, wet cold here and there unpredictably. All you feel is excitement and happiness. But it is not long term. It’s just for a completely short term.

On the contrary, being in a true relationship is like riding a cruise ship. It is big and majestic. It has a purpose. It brings you to another place, another target. Sometimes it may be boring, but it is long term.”

“Wow, that’s so true,” I answered, get goosebumps. I remember another similar proverb.

“You are so true, MN. Cheating is like going back to a hotel. It is good, very comfortable, just for the short term. But being in a true relationship is like living in a home, a place you will always come back to even when anything happens, no matter what. A place you will take care of as well.”

Before we get back home, I asked, “So which one do you choose,  hotel or home?”


Does anyone here get curious about why a doctor’s writing in a medicine receipt always been ugly? Why it’s always been looked like a line and a worm?

For these 20 years of my life, I always ask, it is happening today for me to get the answer.

I’m so lucky to have a precious chance to sit together with a pharmacist and had such a really exciting conversation. He is YU, a 24-year-old pharmacist, working for 1 year and is attending his master degree right now.

“YU, why do you want to be a pharmacist?”, asked me to him.

“Actually I don’t really want to be one, my father wants me to be a doctor. He forces me. But being a doctor is very difficult for me. That’s why I’m just being a pharmacist.”

“Oh, I see,” I can’t have so many comments, kind of speechless.

“Can you please share to me your life as a pharmacist? I’m more than excited to know it.”

View of a Young Attractive pharmacist at work

“Hmm… At first I don’t really enjoy this kind of life, but people are able to do something because they get used to of it. So do I. I mix this and that compound to create a useful medicine. My daily job is to read the doctoral prescription, match the dose, and then create the medicine. I have to tell both the doctor and the patient if I find out that the dose is not suitable.”

Okay then, I nod, but still continue asking, “Sorry for asking too much. But I’m still curious about how to make medicine? I mean, not about how to mix it or how to determine the dose, but more about how for example to create paracetamol? Anyway, it’s the only thing pops out in my mind right now. And maybe the only thing I know about medicine’s world.” I close the question by laughing.

YU smiled a bit then answer,”That’s a nice question. I think this is the first time I got this critical question from common people. It took around 20 years for an inventor to discover an active compound. It can be found in a plant, animal, anything. So a pharmacist doing research, testing here and there, and long story short can indicate that thing continue an active compound which is good for example to cover heart valve, which is good and beneficial for curing people who suffer from a heart disease.”

I don’t remember what’s the name of the compound YU was mentioning, it’s something ended with ‘min’, all I remember is only the concept.

“Wow, this is very interesting!” told me to him.

I’m about to end up our conversation until suddenly this question pops out in my mind. A childhood question which I thought has no basic answer, this is super random, but I ask this to YU. “Hey, friend, I’m curious whether is there any reason why does doctor’s handwriting in a doctoral prescription is always looked like they’re writing it uglily? Why all doctors have ugly handwriting?”

I’m thinking too much for this whole life. There are some stipulations like the doctor is stressed out, study too much that they lose themselves. Or other reason like they have so many patients waiting outside so they need to write it fast.

YU was laughing when he got this question. “Hahaha, yes sure there must be a reason. The doctor doesn’t want a patient to be able to read the prescription. If a patient is able to read the prescription, the patient will not go to the doctor. Next time if they are sick, they will predict themselves and buy the medicine themselves. Even though, a doctor has a reason to provide a prescription. A patient’s condition isn’t always the same. If the patient buy the medicine without knowing that they’re having the dose right, it won’t cause good. Sometimes it will be harmful”

“I see. But, how can be a pharmacist able to read doctor’s handwriting?” I asked.

“There is a class for it, it has special course!”

“Hahaha… I laugh.” so proud of myself being able to solve my lifetime mystery!