A lecturer

“I’m the victim of university’s system. I used to teach Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). The dean asked me to continue my master degree. So I did. By the end of my thesis submission, they told me no more left for IMC class because they had cut the class quota for new regulation adjustment. Only permanent lecturers are selected. I wasn’t. So I’m unemployed.”

“Oh really?  How can they discharge a great teacher like you,” I got a bit disappointed hearing this news.

My ex-lecturer looked up a bit,”Wohoo, thank you for being the first one to mention that. May I know why? I like to hear compliment.”

“Sure! Everyone loves to hear compliment.” I took not-a-deep-breath before continuing, ” You are the only conventional lecture in this modern world, teaching by speaking, don’t use Powerpoint because you want every student to listen and make their own summary based on their understanding while they’re focus on listening. Which is great. It helps me to practice on paying attention. These days when I’m working, I need to pay high attention to my Client. They will speak, sometimes very long and without pause, and being able to summarize their sentence is one of the skills I got from your class. “

My lecture smile widely.

“I haven’t finished yet. Do you remember the day when you asked me and all the students to do presentation and require us to wear blazer as well?  And every one in the classroom looks you with a hateful glance? Even some are cursing on your expensive requirement?  Including me?  Hahaha”

“Sure!  Hahaha Let me guess, you want to thank me?  You’re welcome. “

“Hahahha how can you know?”

“You are not the first student thanking me. I know a day like this will happen. I know someday all of you will thank me. So yeah, my most welcome.”

“Yes, thank you for it, Sir. I was forced to buy it and I need to wear it like almost everyday, while having interview, while meeting Clients, even when I’m having internal meeting. Thanks to you that I bought it years before.”

“Lucky you don’t buy that expensive blazer with your own money, but with your parents’ money ya. hahaha I have predicted it too.”

“Aha!  Hahahaha so that’s why back then you asked us to buy it ya. A very good yet precise decision. Many thanks, Mr. Lecturer.”

“Okay, now since you have known the benefit and thanking me, I think a thank-you isn’t complete yet without a cup of hot chocolate? I think blazer is much more expensive than a thank-you-hot-chocolate? hahaha”

Working Mother

“Sleep at 11 pm tonight and have to wake up 4 am in the morning. Happy, tired, and more than grateful!”

A story of MD, a 30 year old mother, having a lovely daughter, working as a Personal Assistant.

“I find it amazing if I look back at my previous days, how I wake up 4.30 am every morning, cooking breakfast and lunch for my family, bring my little daughter to school, then riding motorcycle to office, changing cloths, using heels, and put on my make up. Work until 7 pm.”

Then MD continued, “Sometimes in the middle of making report, I got a phone call from home. My daughter is crying, sometimes because she simply miss me, sometimes because she is sick, sometimes because any other reasons. Then I need to stop for a while and makes everything alright.

It has never been easy. Sometimes I need to choose between work and family. Of course family is forever number 1 in my heart. But, if there is no work, I got no money too for fulfilling her needs. So, time management is a must-have value in my life. I need to know my priority”

“What makes you able to do these things?” I’m questioning her.

“Hmm…” She stopped for a while, then answered, “I’m not sure too. I just keep it up hour by hour, day by day, keep doing it, no matter what happens. Maybe her happy face in my mind made me able to face this. It’s not that difficult after I did it several times. I got used to of it.”

MD also suggested me,”Hey you, young lady, enjoy your youth. You still have many more years to come! Don’t be afraid to be a mother, don’t also be afraid to be a working mother, it’s wonderful. You’ll love it.”

Insurance Agent

“As an insurance agent, if you are asked to choose between commission or Client’s need, which one will you choose?”

A basic yet daily challenging question an insurance agent have to face. The answer which they chose will really determine how they will run their business.

Some years ago, a woman called JS started her experience being a sales, when she was just 17-year-old. Having no many choices, she followed her mom’s step to be an insurance agent.

She was her mom down-liner. This is a very common strategy implemented by 2 people who know each other (commonly happen to family relationship), so they got the commission doubled. Both the down-liner and the up-liner will got the commission once the Client signed the insurance policy.

As JS is her mom’s down-liner, her mom being her team, her coach too. Her mom would teach her on how to do pitching, make illustration, negotiate and by the end of day, got the signing.

Everything went well at first, until JS found out that she and her mom got 2 significantly different concept in making the illustration.

They might be loving each other as mom and daughter, but they don’t work well as a team. JS’s mom is commission oriented, meanwhile on the contrary, JS is Client’s need-oriented.

One day, JS got a call from her friend. This potential Client was a 26-year-old-man, working as an employee, already got protections from some insurance companies. He is working inside building and have small possibility to be injured for an accident.

Looking at this rough background, his friend didn’t really need another insurance policy. He is just asking JS because he wanted to help JS got her first Client. So JS go to her mom, asking help to make the illustration.

JS set the monthly price not more than 1 million, just around IDR 500.000 – IDR 800.000. She went to her Mom and her Mom suggest her to made illustration with monthly price IDR 5.000.000.

JS found it really expensive, so she went back to discuss to her mom, “How could it be that high? He don’t really need these protections.”

“Yeah, but he is young and reach, he must have the money! Quote higher.”

Long story short, JS and her mom are agree on IDR 1.500.000, although JS still think it’s too expensive. So JS brought this illustration to her friend.

As predicted, her friend got surprised of the illustration. “More than 1 million? I thought it would be cheaper than this.”

JS try her best to explain, although she herself agree with her Client’s opinion. At the end, this potential Client don’t want to take the insurance policy.

JS regret and thought to herself, “She shouldn’t follow her mom’s direction at first.”

She has lost a Client, a friend as well.

By this experience, JS learnt that it’s better not to be in a top company as long as we are match with the leader, rather than being part of a top company but having so many incompatibilities with the leader.

Hope you got great leader!


There are some kinds of love in this world. And I hope you won’t experience this type.

I love to call this type of love as ‘Barbie type’.

Barbie doll

This is to the person whom you love, and that person loves you too, but in some points of life, you two just don’t destined one to another.

Maybe because he/she is having different ethnic from you, different religion from you, and unfortunately you live in a super exclusive family in which prohibiting love from different backgrounds.

Maybe because you have been someone else’s boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, and you don’t wanna break your relationship with them. So you just keep it this way.

This ‘Barbie’ is just for you to love, for you to admire its beauty from afar, to keep it inside your cupboards, and then lock it. Just to be seen, not to be owned. Even if you own, you are not allowed to own it with all your hearts. Even if you own, nobody may know that this ‘Barbie’ is your special one.

You may not kiss or hug this ‘Barbie’, because if you do, it will be broken.

This is a super common story.

Is it hurt? Yes.
Deep? Depends.

It depends on how many quality time and memories you spend together. The more you spend, the deeper the feeling.

So, please be wise.