The only sailor I know living in this world is Popeye. No more than him. It becomes different after I met this guy.

One day I took a glass of tea with a stranger in a community’s meet up . And the story flowed.

“So what do you do?”, asked me.

“Driver. I’m a driver.”

“Is it Grab? Go-Jek? Uber?”, I mentioned some big names of start-up companies which provide online transportation booking currently happening in Indonesia.

He gave small smile, “Driver of a ship. I’m a sailor.”

sailor on a ship

“Aha!” I told myself, “It’s even real!”

“Okay, so how do you do?” I continued asking.

“Seeing sea everyday, day and night. No woman, no kids, either family. Only dozens of men sharing same woods, same roofs, same rooms, same food. Living for months above wide deep blue sea, under shining hot sun every morning and dark blue night every night. It’s cold, very cold. It’s hot, very hot.”

Then he took a deep breath and continued, “Sometimes after I get off from the ship, after months of carrying litters of fuel from Arab to China, I can feel my feet swaying. Although I have super sure I have stepped on the ground, I can still feel like I’m tossed around, shaking here and there. It’s kind of funny.”

One thing that is certain is, “Hugs and smiles from people whom I love, is the first thing I miss once I get to see trees and buildings! It’s been my everyday thoughts too, to keep me motivated, day and night.”

The Clarity of Why

I always got inspired by people’s stories. Everyone is shining, in their own unique color. I don’t want it to stop only to my ears. That’s why I create this blog.

  • To create people’s platform to share their beautiful value of life
  • To make people realize that they’re not struggling alone
  • To let good vibes spread-ed continuously!
  • To fulfill myself’s mental need

That’s why I will be more than happy if you wish your story is also be published. Please feel free to connect me, you can tell me your stories through phone call/chat, anything you are convenient.

Please note that every name in the articles posted is fictitious.